If this is your first time packing a diaper bag, you may be confused, overwhelmed, and a little anxious in trying not to overpack while also trying not to forget something. Every first-time parent needs a little direction. If you need a checklist for reference, look no further. Here are a few  items every baby needs on a day out.

A Durable Diaper Bag

When deciding on a diaper bag, you’ll want to be sure to choose something durable and convenient. If you’re a trend-setting mama, rest assured that you don’t have to worry about your diaper bag not being fashionable enough or ruining a chic outfit. Stylish diaper bags at Azaria allow you to have comfort and convenience while still looking as dressy as ever.

Diapers And Wipes

Newborns need the most diapers, some requiring  eight to twelve per day so be sure to always keep your diaper bag stocked. It’s better to have more than you need than to run low. The same goes for baby wipes, especially since moms will not only use wipes for diaper changes, but when they need to clean baby’s hands or face. Always keep an extra pack of wipes in your diaper bag.

Changing Pad

A waterproof changing pad is a must to protect your baby from touching germy surfaces. Whether it be on a floor or a public restroom changing table, the changing pad comes in handy, especially if it’s a messy diaper. Be sure to carry a pack of anti-bacterial wipes so you can clean the changing pad after it has been used. You’ll also want to pack hand sanitizer in case  there’s no way to wash your hands after a diaper change.  Not sure this line is necessary

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags come in handy for messes. Whether it’s to store a dirty diaper, clothes that have too much spit up, or accidents like  blowouts, bags make it convenient for moms to clean up messes quickly. –


You should always have two bottles of Aquafor and diaper rash ointment. One is for home and the other for your diaper bag. Moms use Aquafor for every diaper change as a way to try to avoid diaper rash and dry skin. However, diaper rash cream should be packed to alleviate a diaper rash when it shows up. Breastfeeding mothers should also pack nipple cream.

Formula And Milk

If your baby is on formula, bringing a few bottles, as well as servings of formula are a must. A portable bottle warmer can come in handy if you’re expected to be in place that doesn’t have easy access to an outlet. If you’re breastfeeding, be sure to bring a cover for privacy. You might want to also bring  a portable breast pump for excess milk. Some diaper bags come with an insulated bottle cooler and ice pack so you can store your breastmilk safely until you can put it in your refrigerator.

Change Of Clothes And Burp Cloths

Being a mom means being ready for anything. Baby may  spit up after drinking too much milk. You might not secure the diaper very well so they soil their clothes. Or they might  just have a diaper  blowout. Always have extra outfits and burp cloths on hand. Store any soiled items in the plastic bags you packed.


If your baby is on medication stet , always pack these in  your diaper bag. Gripe water, infant ibuprofen, and  prescriptions should be packed safely but  where you can reach them with ease. If your baby uses  a pacifier, be sure to bring a few along as these can be easily dropped or lost.

If you feel like you’re overpacking, that’s okay. You’ll soon get the hang of packing that perfect diaper bag..