Why Should You Buy Built Bars? Here Is The Answer!

Since ordering a healthy dish is too expensive and cooking at home is too complicated, Nogii decided to choose a protein bar.

However, some types of protein bar are weird in tastes, so it is not an easy way to go through. After several failed trials, Nogii paid more attention to the reviews and chose the one on the highest rate.

It turned out to be an excellent method because it led me to BuiltBars – my favorite protein bar. And we are here to show you why should you buy Built Bars. 

What is Built Bar and how to buy it by Nogii? 

Currently, there are many brands of protein and nutrition bars. And they are almost the same: good at providing calories and protein, but not good at delivering the tasty feeling.

But Built Bar is an exception. It provides a perfect combination of both.

Built Bar is the best workout supplements for men and women

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The Built Bar is made with whey protein isolate. There is no casein or lactose in its ingredients. So it is safe for almost every user. However, be careful if you are allergic to certain milk products.  

One more important thing, Built Bar uses sugar-free protein powder. All the sweeteners are suitable for your body. 

A box of Built Bar consists of 18 bars, and each of which is about 2.4 pounds. There are 12 flavors for you to choose.

You can eat one 30 minutes before and after working out. You can also use Built Bars to replace snacks and breakfasts as well. A built bar looks like a candy bar, so it is easy for you to bring along anywhere.

The only problem is you can only buy Built Bar online. On the positive side, shopping online is no longer stressful. You can buy it via their main website at https://builtbar.com/, or go for Amazon. 

Four nutrition facts in a Built bar

Ingredients are the main factors that you should consider when choosing a protein powder. So please read this part carefully.

As I said in the first part, Built Bar is based on the same principles as other protein bars. They use clean ingredients to maximize nutrition and minimize carbohydrates. 

And here are the 4 nutrition facts about Built Bar:

Whey Protein Isolate

Built Bar uses Whey protein isolate instead of egg white protein powder or soybean protein powder. Whey protein creates a mild taste for the bar. And that makes Built Bar become the best tasting protein powder bar ever. In my experience, the product of soybeans usually smells terrible.

Animal protein 

Built Bar uses animal protein. It is still tasty and healthy, but it is not vegan protein powder

Sugar-free protein powder 

If you wonder why Built Bar can be that sweet and healthy, here is the answer for you. The sweet taste of Built Bars comes from erythritol, glycerin, and high- quality dark chocolate. That combination creates amazing flavors for Built Bar without using sugar. 

Natural flavor

No coloring, no artificial preservatives, and natural flavor are also the highlights for this type of protein bars. It is absolutely the healthiest protein powder bar for you. 

After reading 4 nutrition facts, if you still want to ask why should you buy Built Bars, let’s check what the unique benefits of Built Bars are. 

What are the benefits of Built Bars? 

A 53 – gram Built Bar includes 100 calories, 15g protein, 6g fiber, and 5g net carbs. That makes it become the best workout supplements for men and women. 

Built Bar contains the sugar-free protein powder

(picture via https://builtbar.com/collections/12-amazing-flavors/products/doublechocolate-18)

Regular protein bars usually consist of about 8% fat and more than 190 calories. So, Nogii is worried about its capacity of helping us to lose weight. 

I usually eat more than I am supposed to, and that is the main reason why I have to choose low calorie protein bars. For example, I can eat 2 to 3 bars without disruption. If it’s a Built Bar, the amount of calories is about 220. But other bars are going to be more than 400 calories. 400 calories will cost hours of hard work at the GYM.  

If you want to maintain a healthy body, you have to control your calories in and out. And trust me, Built Bar is the most helpful tool.

And another unique benefit of Built Bar is its 12 typical flavors. The detailed description is below.

Built bars: unique flavors

Besides the healthy and high- quality ingredients, the Built bar is unique and must-try because of its various flavors.

Let’s take a look: 

  • Coconut chocolate: I tried this flavor after reading the comment: “They have a lot of consistency when you bite into them”, and I was right. You will feel as if you are eating a piece of coconut cream without fear of getting fat.
  • Double Chocolate Mousse: it is truly a chocolate lovers dream come true. Just so you know, Built Bar only uses high-quality dark chocolate. 
  • Lemon chocolate: The gentle taste is exceptionally suitable for those who do not like to eat sweets often. Put it in the fridge before eating. 
  • Mint Chocolate: chocolate with mint is always the perfect eternal combination. You have to try this!
  • Orange Chocolate: like a lemon flavor, the orange flavor is always perfect. 
  • Raspberry Chocolate: What is more amazing than a raspberry pie with pure dark chocolate? It’s a raspberry pie with high-quality dark chocolate and NO FAT! 
  • Salted Caramel: This protein bar is described as having a “luxurious” taste. But actually, I didn’t feel any luxury, because I had eaten it all.
  • Strawberry Chocolate: Some people say that the strawberry taste of the Built Bar is a bit strange. But I think it’s because they don’t like strawberries. As for strawberry believers like me, it’s more than perfect.
  • Vanilla Chocolate: Vanilla is also a very classic and charming flavor of the Built Bar. And if you leave it in the fridge for about 10 minutes, its taste will be amazing!
  • Mocha Chocolate: this is the best tasting protein powder I have ever eaten.  It’s also the favorite for most customers. 
  • Banana Chocolate: At first, I felt happy as if I were eating a perfect dessert. Then I feel more satisfied because my dessert is only 110 calories. 
  • Cinnamon Chocolate: Only one description- it tastes like a candy bar!

It is incredible, isn’t it? 

Moreover, Built Bars give you many options, from choosing one flavor only or mixing 9 flavors, and you even can “build your box” (you can choose whatever you want for your package).

Built Bar is the best tasting protein powder

(picture via:https://builtbar.com/collections/12-amazing-flavors/products/byob)

So should you buy Built Bars or not? 

A pack with 18 bars costs around 35$. Maybe the price is a little bit higher compared. But, Nogii think it’s worth paying for the healthiest protein powder bar ever.

Built Bar is not only for GYMers but also for everyone. It is not only a diet food but also suitable for a weight gainer

There are 2 notices for you:

  • Firstly, even it doesn’t contain casein or lactose, but if your allergies to milk are too severe, you should test first or ask for advice from a doctor). 
  • Secondly, if you are vegan, I am afraid that you have to choose another alternative. 


By paying just about 35$, you save a lot of time shopping, cooking, and calculating your calories in and out. I think the price is not high at all, but the quality is awesome. 

Thanks to the built bar, my weight loss path becomes more comfortable. It is the best workout supplements for men and women. Therefore, if you are wondering why should you buy Built Bars, give Built Bars a try. 

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