What You Wish You Had Known Before Having a Baby

You were surprised after your doctor had told you, you were going to have a baby. You had then asked almost every mother you know for tips on how to seamlessly transition to motherhood. You had also read everything about what to do during your pregnancy, as well as after you’ve given birth.

However, all your preparations had suddenly turned upside down after you’ve delivered your first-ever baby. You may have remarked to yourself that if only you can turn back time, you could’ve done any of the following things that you wish you had known before having a baby.

1. You’ll Have To Wear A Carrier Every Time You Go Out With Your Baby.

As a first-time mother, you may not have imagined yourself at first that you’ll often be wearing a full-on body sling with your baby in it. But as your baby most likely wants to be cradled by you as often as possible, you’ll have to buy yourself a carrier that can support them without ever falling. When your baby is less than a year old, you should carry them using a ring sling. Otherwise, use a soft structured carrier.

2. Breastfeeding Your Baby Might Turn Out To Be An Extremely Painful Experience For You.

Until your baby has reached the right age where they can drink formula from a bottle and eat baby food, they’ll have to get much of their nutrition from the milk that your breasts are producing. Depending on how your baby breastfeeds, your mammary organs may turn out fine – or you may run into problems such as cracked or bleeding nipples, a painful inflammation of your breast tissue, or low supply of breastmilk. You’ll, therefore, want to take care of your breasts more often than what you may be used to.

3. You Might Find Your Relationship May Be Different After A Baby.

Your baby has more urgent needs that you’ve got to meet now that you’re embarking on a new chapter of your life as a mother. However, your partner may find it difficult to adjust which can lead to more arguments and fights.

In cases like this you should strive to keep all communication lines open between you and your husband by reassuring them that you still love them. After all, your baby is a living testament to the love that you and your husband have for each other.

4. Your Usual Sleeping Patterns Are Disrupted Most Of The Time.

If you’ve got a cushy 9-to-5 job or a business of your own, you may have occasionally been losing sleep. However, that’s nothing compared to being forced to wake up after hearing your baby cry because they’re hungry or need to be changed.

Saying goodbye to getting at least eight hours of sleep every night for a few months is common after having a baby. It does take time to adjust but it will be well worth it in the end.

5. You May Become Susceptible To Postpartum Depression.

Whether it’s due to a sudden drop of hormonal levels in your body, stress that you’ve incurred after losing sleep as already mentioned above, or both, you may experience having a mental health condition known as postpartum depression which can cause you not to want to form an attachment to your baby.

Postpartum depression lasts longer compared to the usual “baby blues” which you can overcome after a couple of weeks at most. If you feel that you’ve got postpartum depression, you should consult a mental health professional who can provide you with strategies to make coping with the condition easier for you.


More than 311,000 mothers had given birth in Australia as of 2016 according to the country’s Bureau of Statistics. You may have been one of those mothers yourself who gave birth to a newborn infant.

Your motherhood can become either a cause for celebration for you as you’ve successfully brought new life into this world, or a challenge. But as there’s no turning back from it now, the very least that you can do is to be a caring mother to your baby and include them in your family health insurance if you’ve got one.

Rosie M. Jordan

Hello my name is Rosie. I am a 36-year-old SAHM to an energetic little boy called Andrew. We love reading, Toddler Sense, the library and trips to the park. To get in touch you can email us rosie.babyvenue@gmail.com

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