Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are Sheer Brilliant

A baby shower is an important ritual to celebrate the arrival of a new life among ourselves. A baby shower helps expecting mothers to rejoice their upcoming journey of motherhood and cope with the tiredness, stress of their health.

The main objective of a baby shower is to support mom to be with invaluable pieces of advice on how to take care of her health along with the child and showering blessings for the prosperity of her motherhood. The entire families, colleagues, friend participate in the joyous occasion of a baby shower welcoming the new life amidst them.

Like every other occasion baby shower also requires gifting to the expecting mother to encourage her for the upcoming journey. But it is not easy selecting gifts for the baby shower as it is unlike the conventional ceremonies we often come across.

A baby shower is an event where you need to gift the necessary items to the expecting mother as well as soon to be born baby.

So here we have put together some distinct baby shower gift ideas to help you select the gifts for any upcoming baby shower:

Muslin Swaddle blankets of Soojin: swaddle blankets are one of the most surprising gift ideas to the mothers on their baby shower.

Crafted with care and a hundred percent pure muslin based these blankets are very useful to swaddle the newborn baby in a lovely wrap. You can call it an ideal ‘home from the hospital’ blanket because of its warmth lightweight. The cosiness of the pure muslin and cotton would keep the little ones happy.

Soft and cosy crochet bear toque along with the blanket would be an ideal combination of fun and functional gifts for newly born babies.

A Set Of Eco Pacifiers:

A pacifier is an important tool to prevent many health-related risks of babies such as SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome.) it helps them to feel relaxed.

So gifting an organic and safe pacifier can be one of the unique baby shower gift ideas to the parents to be. Eco pacifiers of Soojin are sustainably made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis to offer the soothing feel of breastfeeding.

Feeding pillows: feeding pillows can be very helpful for mothers during initial days of feeding the babies. Since holding the babies for a longer period of time during feeding can be stressful for mothers, the feeding pillows act as a support to offer them additional support.

So you can gift a feeding pillow in a baby shower to offer a place for babies to rest during feeding.

Side Snap Footie:

If you want to include special addition to the newborn baby’s wardrobe then gift side snap footie from Soojin as a token of love. Side snap of the dress makes the easy closure during tummy times of little ones.

Composed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton side snap footies of Soojin are GOTS certified. The footie absolutely does not contain Azo colourants, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC or lead. It exclusively offers features like fold-over mitts at sleeve opening to protect the baby for changing diapers.

So side snap footie can be one of great baby shower gift ideas to present the happy parents.

Toddler Development Box: if you want to present the baby a charm of independence during bath and mealtime then this development box would be an ideal gift.

The Toddler Development Box can be considered as distinctive baby shower gift ideas since it is specially crafted to help the toddlers to learn to eat and bathe on their own. This beneficial meal set box comprises of a plate and bowl with easy to use suction cups for the stability of the user minimizing the risk of considerable messes while you permit your child to try out different ways in serving themselves.

Mini ware products such as bowl and plate are non-toxic in nature and incorporate a high-end aesthetic appeal and feel without the presence of a break-ability factor in the mix. The bath set of development includes a gentle baby body wash with the nourishing aloe and soothing calendula – chamomile extracts.

Apart from the body wash it also includes a cute panda bathrobe made with 100% pure micro-cotton. The robe would keep the little ones warm and comfortable after the bath. The micro cotton absorbs the water faster than the regular cotton and helps baby to get ready for the nap.

The First Bite Set For The Baby:

If you are searching for a quintessential yet distinct baby shower gift ideas, then the first bite set can be a good gift for the soon to be parents.

It is a sheer gift idea to promote the self-feeding trait to a toddler. The set includes one Cereal Bowl, one Suction Foot and one Teething spoon. All of the products are made with natural materials and colours. The detachable suction foot grows with your family.

It does not matter whether the parents to be are having their first or a third child, all of them always wish to commemorate the memories and moments of their baby’s for the first year and beyond. With these distinct baby shower gift ideas, you will surely wow the parents-to-be.

Rosie M. Jordan

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