Unique Baby Care Techniques In Calming A Crying Newborn

While the very first time that you will hear your baby cry is aexciting experience especially for new mothers, this thrill can quickly become a concern or perhaps a frustration after several weeks.

As you trek and journey through motherhood, you will learn that babies actually cry a lot. The reason why your baby cries can vary. It could be that your baby is hungry or that he or she needs a diaper change.

Basically, crying is a simple way for your baby to get your attention so you will be able to address her needs. Getting the crying to stop is not simple. There are techniques that you need to master so you can effectively soothe and calm a crying baby.

You have to note, however, that there is no single method that works for all babies. You need to develop a technique that will work for your child. For the mean time, you can get some inspiration from some time-tested baby care ideas to help soothe a fussy newborn.

A Little Shake May Be Good For Your Child

A mother’s womb, basically, functions like a mobile home for the child before he or she is born. Even when you sleep and lay in bed, your body is moving and your child feels this.

When your child is born, lying quietly in his or her crib may seem oddly still and also unfamiliar. Thus, a little shake may make some newborns more comfortable.You can do the Rock-a-bye baby method by placing your baby in your arms and standing with your feet slightly apart.

You have to swivel your hips back and forth. While the movement can become rather vigorous especially if your carrying your child close to your body.

Doing the baby swings can soothe or calm a fussy child, as this method offers a soothing and rhythmic motion.

You may also use a stroller to soothe your child. The consistent motion of a stroller ride along with the snug comfort that it offers can lull a fussy baby to sleep.

A Warm And Snug Wrap May Do The Trick

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The womb is not roomy and many newborns get accustomed to it. A newborn will feel secure in a warm and cozy environment. If your child starts fussing, wrapping him or her up snugly may just do the trick.

You can make apply the swaddle to soothe your child. To do this, you have to wrap your child in a thin and lightweight blanket with his or her arms on the chest. This position offers a wonderful calming effect. In addition, swaddled babies often sleep longer and more soundly.

Snuggling with your child often works, too. You can try the kangaroo care technique. You have to undress your child and place him or her down against your naked skin before wrapping both you and your child with a warm and soft blanket.

Using a sling also works and keeps your child close to you. With a sling, you can even breastfeed your child anywhere without anyone noticing.

Try Bringing On The Noise

Since your womb is not a serene shelter like what you might have imagined, you can try bringing on the noise to soothe your child.

In your womb, your child can actually hear your heartbeat, the rush of your blood and even the gurgling of your stomach. For this reason, silence may not be favored by some newborns.

In soothing your child, you can try turning on the fan as the sound it produces may be music to a fussy child’s ears. You can also try vacuuming while soothing your child or you can simply repeating ‘shushing’ sound in your baby’s ears.

Other Techniques In Calming Your Child

If none of the abovementioned techniques work in soothing your fussy child, you can try others like going outside your child’s room. A change in scenery can actually be distracting enough to calm your child’s cries.

You can also try dimming the lights and shutting off the television, as overstimulation can also rattle a newborn’s nerves.

Extremes in temperature may also be the culprit. You have to check your house’s temperature and make sure that it is not too warm or perhaps too cold for your child.

You also have to check your child’s temperature and make sure that he or she is not having a fever. A sick baby is a fussy baby. If your child is sick, you have to consult your child’s pediatrician right away.

You can also check your child’s clothes and make sure that the clothes are not too tight or too confining. Tight clothes can make newborns fussy.

You need to check your child’s diaper and make sure that it is not wet or soiled. If possible, you have to pick the cloth diapers for your child as this can provide comfort to your child.

Finding The Techniques That Work For Your Child

Since not all children are the same, some techniques may work on child and others may not. Thus, it is very important to determine which ones can soothe your child and make him calm. Finding effective baby care soothing solutions may require a trial and error method, you just have to work on it.

Soothing a fussy child with the effective techniques is definitely a treasure that most parents would want to have.

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