Traveling With Your Kid – How To Make It Easier

I love traveling and at the same time, I love to settle down and get married. As a young generation father having the high passion for photography, I would like to take my kid to go with me on every trip.

Although my children are just kids and I have to admit that traveling with the baby is a “little” confusing, you will be surprised with your children. So, how do we do that? Here are some few tips from a 26-year-old dad since he was twenty-three.

Five Simple Yet Brilliant Tricks To Travel With Your Kid

A bicycle will be ideal for a short trip at the weekend to a park near your place. You can work out a bit and have time to play with your kids. Please remember, a back-seat with feet protection and belt are needed to make your cycle way safe and sound.

For a bit further, you can choose a motorbike. Itis also fun, and your kids would love to have a front seat to enjoy the road. However, make sure you have the windbreaker in front of them, and a fit helmet is never too late.

​With a longer road from two to four hours driving, I believe you will choose your car. Now, you know that your kids will get bored quickly, especially sitting in a car full of adults. My tip is to prepare a lightest convertible car seat with their favorite toys, plus their favor CDs if you don’t mind to sing with them. This way also can apply when you go by train, but change the CD into their favorite books.

​The last is the time they will spend on the plane. There are now many entertainments on the flight so your kids could easily to fall asleep. But the most important thing for them is an ear bud, which is necessary when taking off and landing.

Timing – When Will Be The Best Time To Take Your Kids With You?

This factor depends on your work schedule. But if you can change your time, you might want to know that kids are really sensitive to the weather. They may be uncomfortable if the weather is too hot or crying of it is too cold. No parents want their kids to catch the flu during the trip.

Unless you are going to a beach, then the best time to go will be spring and autumn, or dry season at the place you choose. Besides, try to avoid the high season of traveling because you don’t want to be stuck in a crowded and messy place with your kids, right?

Destination – The Key Toatrip With Your Children

When you decide to travel with your kids, it means you will have to put them into your priority. A place to adventure or extreme sport will not be suitable for them. Just pay attention to a place that has a kid zone, historical site, museum, etc. That will help you spend a good and worthy time with you kids.

Make sure that your itinerary does not have too much time on traveling or too busy that make your kids could be tired.Same for accommodation, a hotel with a beautiful pool or near the beach will help you a lot when you want to have a bit time to rest. This will make your children busy for hours while you can easy take care of them.

Your Belongings, Their Belongings

To fulfill your trip, a checklist of what your kids will need is the last thing you want to forget.

If your children are young, a stroller will be a life saver for both you and him or her. You don’t have to carry them around all day.And if they want to sleep on the road, you will be ready for this. The big baby cart also can help you carry a lot of stuff and a good place to hide from direct sunlight or rain. If you don’t want to take this big cart, a baby carrier will be a better option.

​Your kids favorite milk, milk bottles, small water heater, porridge, instant noodles, sausages, cakes, fruit, etc. anything that could feed your children when they need. In my case, a package of biscuit has saved my many times when my boy was hungry or crying.

Diapers, toilet paper, plastic bags and anything to help clean your kid must be always in your handbag. You don’t know when you will need them.It is recommended to carry insect repellent, some medicines to treat common diseases for children, such as a cough, fever, flu, abdominal pain, diarrhea, temperature pairs, cotton, tape, etc. to help with the weather and insects.

Remember to bring your child's papers to the airport for presentation: a certified copy of the birth certificate if the child is under 14 years of age. It is best to make their own passport if they can.

Activities During Your Trip

You take your kids with you to spend a special time with them. So, let them have a chance to play and arrange flexible hours of sleep, but still full. A quick nap on the way will be enough to rest and ready for the next place.

It is the best time to show your children all the new things while traveling. Be their guide and encourage them to advocate, participate in new experiences. Remember that you are here to spend time with them, not to play with smartphones and tablets.


My final tip, let take many pictures with your children. It will be great memories for your child in the future, and it is a great way for your kids to keep in mind for a few years.

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​There are millions of people in the world shared the same name with me. However, I am a different writer as I am so proud of being the only one having two lovely little kids named Agartha and Agnes who I am willing to scarify my whole life to care for. Guest posting by James form .

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