Top 10 Types of Coat Racks (Buying Guide)

While the coat rack is first and foremost a functional feature, the vast array of styles available means that it can now serve an aesthetic purpose too. Whatever the style of your room there’s a rack to match. It’s important to consider a number of things when looking to purchase a coat rack. One of the first things you will need to decide is where the rack should go.

You need to decide which room you want your coat rack to reside in and how to best make use of the existing space. For example an ornate free-standing rack could make a good centrepiece for a large traditional room while a compact wall-mount would be much less noticeable and would blend in well to a smaller, more contemporary home.

A rack can fit well into a number of different rooms and if chosen correctly, can add to the feel of the room. The style of your rack depends heavily on its material and colour so you should consider these carefully before purchasing. It is also important to decide the number of hooks you require and if you want any extra features such as base drawers.

Top 10 Main Styles

Standalone Varieties

Standalone racks are instantly recognisable and make a great centrepiece or accessory. For this reason they are one of the most popular styles. A bold colour or ornate design can look great in the middle of a room, especially with other elements pointing towards it. A more subtle stand can be placed in a corner to add to sophistication to a more delicate room. Standalone holders tend to have many hooks and come in a whole variety of materials.

Wooden Standalone Racks

Wood is a very popular choice and often adds a rustic feel to your home. A multitude of different woods are available to match any style. Wood is often chosen for its strength but it is important to note that while wood is an extremely durable material, these stands may require additional care as they can wear away if used frequently without proper treatment.

Metal Standalone Racks

Metal stands are incredibly strong and rigid and are suited to any article of clothing. These racks are also very low maintenance although the occasional treatment can help to prolong the product’s life. Most metal racks are made from aluminium or stainless steel but alloys such as brass are also available for a more elegant style.

Artisan Racks

Artisan racks are often composed of a number of different materials and are made for the modern home. They generally contain abstract elements and are designed to be as stylish as they are functional.

Wall-Mounted Varieties

These work well in smaller homes with bare walls. A variety of different materials and lengths are available to suit your specific needs.

Wooden Wall-Mount Racks

Similar to standalone racks wood tends to be chosen for its strength and variety of styles. Bare in mind when purchasing that wooden wall-mounts tend to be thin and therefore can be subject to wearing down.

Plastic Wall-Mount Racks

These tend to be more functional, however can also be stylish. Plastic hooks are also very affordable.

Metal Wall-Mount Racks

Metal racks are incredibly strong and made to last. Metal wall-mounts can look great in a minimalist room or can even be painted for a more personalised feel.

Corner Coat Racks

Corner racks are a great way to use your room’s space organically. They use space more efficiently than the other standalone varieties and often have space for shoe drawers or other features.

Compact Varieties

Most compact coat racks are adaptable and have hooks that can be hidden when not in use. This allows for even less wasted space while adding a quirky feature to any modern room.

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