Top 10 Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

Once your baby arrives, new moms are typically encouraged to start breastfeeding right away. However, breastfeeding is a new skill that needs to be learned by mom as well as baby. Here is a collection of tips that we believe will help to get you nursing like a professional in no time. Read more at Mommy Authority, an excellent resource for the latest health news and more tips to help you through the journey that is motherhood.

You Do Not Have To Scrub Your Nipples

It is very common for mothers and grandmothers to advise you to scrub your nipples to prepare them for breastfeeding. However, this advice is completely unfound. You do not need to do anything to prepare your nipples while you are pregnant.

Do Not Be Afraid To Get Help

The first few weeks with a newborn can be rather grueling. However, it is important to realize that you do not have to do everything. Enlist another pair of hands to wash the dishes while you sit back and get used to feeding your new baby.

Try A Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants are registered professionals who will help you and your baby get into the rhythm of breastfeeding. Often a lactation consultant will ask you to nurse your baby while they observe. The lactation consultant will then give you tips on how to improve your baby’s latch or any other advice they feel that you need.

Stock Up On Pillows

If you thought you needed many pillows while you were pregnant just wait until you start breastfeeding. Sitting up straight and nursing a baby for hours can be grueling on your back if you do not have adequate support. Prop yourself and your baby up with a few pillows to keep both of you as comfortable as possible.

Make A Breastfeeding Caddy

Find yourself a little basket or caddy that is easy to carry around a fill it with all the things you need close at hand. Add a few snacks (breastfeeding is hungry work), a bottle of water, books, your phone charger and headphones to your basket. It is also a good idea to keep a few diapers in your caddy as well as nipple cream and Chapstick to keep you moisturized.

Keep Track Of Diapers

The amount of wet and dirty diapers that your baby produces in a day is an indication of whether or not they are receiving enough milk. For the first couple of weeks, you should be changing at least five wet diapers and one dirty diaper in a day.

Breastfeeding Does Not Have To Hurt

When your baby is latched onto the breast correctly, it should not hurt to feed your baby. A good tip is to wait for your baby to open their mouth as widely as they can before putting them to the breast. When your baby is latched correctly, you should not be able to see much of your areola.

Layer Shirts

This tip is for the moms who plan on breastfeeding in public without a cover. Try wearing a nursing tank top over your nursing bra and then you can wear a normal shirt or t-shirt over the tank top. Then when your baby needs to nurse, you can pull up the top shirt, then as you lift your baby to your breast, you can pull down the tank top, unhook your bra and get your baby to latch. With this method, you can feed baby comfortably without exposing your stomach.

Avoid Using Pacifiers

When you and your baby first get used to breastfeeding, it is best to stay away from pacifiers. This is to avoid your baby developing nipple confusion. It might also be a good idea to stay away from bottles, as babies often prefer the fast flow of milk. Babies have to work much harder to remove milk from the breast. Most pediatricians advise keeping your baby away from artificial nipples for the first six weeks of their life.

Trust Your Instincts

Like most other things in life, breastfeeding takes a little work to get used to. However, you should keep on trusting in yourself and your body’s ability to feed and nourish your baby.

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