Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Say ‘You Are Pregnant’

Pregnancy is a not only a blessing; it is the most important moment in the life of a woman. There is nothing that can make a woman more happy than motherhood. But pregnancy can also be very stressful as the body goes through a lot of physical and mental transformation. By planning it well, you can make it a memorable experience as well.

But before that, you have to ensure that you are in fact pregnant. There are a lot of proven medical procedures to confirm your pregnancy. You can use one of those pregnancy test kits most women use to check if they are expecting or not.

Some women rush to a gynecologist to check up. However, there are also some unique and alternative homemade procedures that you can use at home to determine if you are pregnant. Are you intrigued by the idea? If yes, then read on.

Using simple ingredients in your kitchen, here are the top 10 homemade pregnancy tests that say you are pregnant. Do keep in mind that some of these pregnancy tests can be inaccurate, but you can try them before going to a doctor for a medical test.

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Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  • Dandelion Leaves.

Dandelion leaves can be quite useful to confirm a pregnancy. Just cut a few Dandelion leaves, place them in a plastic container and keep the leaves away from direct sunlight. Urinate of the leaves till they get fully submerged in the urine. Check the leaves after 10 minutes, and if you find red bumps on them, you are pregnant.

  • Bleach.

Using bleach to check if you are going to be a mother or not, is one of the most popular homemade pregnancy test methods. Simply mix your urine and bleach in a jar, and if the mixture starts foaming, then get ready to become a mommy!

But remember, to do this test outdoors as the fumes released from the mixture can be quite unpleasant and make it difficult for you to breathe inside the bathroom.

  • Pine Sol.

Pine Sol is well-known house cleaning product which contains Pine Oil. Do you know, you can use Pine Sol to check of you are pregnant. Just urinate in a container and mix it with Pine-Sol solution. Wait for a few seconds, and if you notice any changes in color, then you are going to be a mother.

  • Vinegar.

Another easy homemade pregnancy test you can do at home is by using vinegar. This homemade pregnancy test has been is use since ancient times before the advent of modern medical science. Just urinate in plastic cup or jar and mix it with vinegar. At first, you may see some bubbling effects, but don’t be bothered about it. If the color of the mixture changes, then get ready to feel the baby moving inside of you.

  • Toothpaste.

Probably one of the easiest methods of checking if you are pregnant or not at home according to me is using toothpaste. Yes, you read that right. Who knew a product as simple as toothpaste can be used to determine a pregnancy. To do this, just mix a spoonful of white toothpaste and urine in a plastic cup. If the toothpaste turns out blue, then get ready to smile. You are going to be a mother soon.

  • Sugar.
Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Say ‘You Are Pregnant’

Another free and easy method to test your pregnancy at your home is by using sugar. This test has been said to be 97{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} accurate, so I suggest you, beautiful ladies, to give this test a try before you rush yourself to buy a pregnancy test kit or visit a gynecologist. Mix your first urine in the morning in a bowl with two to three spoons of sugar.

Do not use sugar powder, only small sugar crystals. If the sugar does not dissolve and instead get clustered, then you can be assured that you are pregnant.

  • Soap Water.

If you don’t have any bleach or bleaching powder in your kitchen or bathroom, then you can use soap water to find out if you are expecting. Make a soap lather solution in a bowl and mix your first-morning urine sample in it. You maybe pregnant, if the solution starts bubbling. This homemade pregnancy test “may be” not the practical in most cases, but you can probably give it a try.

  • Vinegar and Tuna Juice.

Mix ¼ cup of Vinegar and ¼ Cup of Tuna Juice in a plastic cup or bowl. Now take your urine in a separate container and mix it with the vinegar and tuna juice mixture. Wait for a few minutes till the colors starts changing. If the color is an orange-yellowish hue, then your test result is negative. But if the color changes to a greenish tinge, then your are pregnant. This homemade pregnancy test that is also known to be effective and accurate.

  •  Mustard Powder.

This homemade pregnancy test is highly proven to ascertain pregnancy. If you have missed your periods and suspect that you might be pregnant, then fill your bath tub with hot water and add freshly grounded mustard powder to it. Now soak yourself in it for around half an hour. Then take a shower later. Now, if you have you have your period after a day or two, then your period might have been delayed by some other causes, and you should visit a doctor. However, if you still did not get your periods, then you can assume that you may be pregnant and should prepare yourself for a new chapter of your life.

  •  Your Urine.

Collect your urine in a jar or a bottle. Place the bottle or jar on a flat surface and make sure you do not shake or touch it at all for 24 hours. If you notice a thin white layer on the surface of your urine sample, then your are pregnant. If you do not see anything, then you are not pregnant.

This is by far the easiest homemade pregnancy tests of all that were mentioned here., given the fact that you do not need anything for this test. Only 24 hours of pure patience or should I say, curiosity.

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