Tips On Smoke Removal From Pack N Play

Pack and play are one of the highly demanded products for young infants. This equipment is used for young infants to make them sleep and also for some time when they are awake and parents have some work to do. Infants need constant supervision for their safety but for a parent to do that is not possible as they have other things in the house also to be done.

In such cases the baby could be left in the pack and play safely. These equipment’s are used for a year or two till the baby grows enough to be kept to be able to crawl around. That is why they are used and stored for upcoming future generations.

Smell over the time

Now once you pack the pack and play for a long time, there are chances of a particular smell become a part of the equipment over the time. And if there is any person in the house who smokes constantly, then cigarette smoke has a tendency of becoming permanent in the area and hence in the pack and play also.

This is dangerous for the baby when the pack and play is to be re-used and you would not be able to reap the complete pack and play benefits. At any cost you need to follow certain procedures to remove every percent of this smoke smell as infants and small babies are very vulnerable to any disease as their internal organs are weak. Till you are not sure that the smell has been completely removed, it is mandatory to not reuse the equipment.

General methods

We follow many methods of getting rid of any particular smell in our houses in our daily routine like deodorizing, or exposing to sunlight, placing naphthalene balls etc. All these methods are not applicable for every place, equipment and smell and hence as per the requirement we need to adapt slightly different and modified methods of getting rid of the smell.

Cleaning the pack and play

To get rid of the smoke smell, the first ideal step would be to clean your pack and play and dry it in the sun till the complete moisture is out.

You could use the mixture of detergent, and vinegar and soak it in the mixture before cleansing it. This would help remove the odour of smoke smell to some extent and then you could dry it in sun which would further remove the smell. Once you are done drying up the pack and play, get on to other measures of removing the smell.


Not every deodorant, but children specific deodorants could be used on the pack and play on the regular basis that would not disturb your babies. Such deodorants would have a mild smell which would gradually win over the smell of smoke in the pack and play.

Constant exposure to sunlight

Before you start using the pack and play you could continuously for a few days place the pack and play under the sun light. The sun radiations have a tendency of neutralizing any smell present. This is one of the very well proven and efficient methods.


There are a few liquid conditioners that while washing with detergents you could mix it and wash which induces additional fragrance in the pack and play and would supress other uncomfortable odour in it.


When you wash the pack and play and keep it at home for use, ensure that the windows of the rooms are open and the room is well ventilated. Ventilated rooms would not allow any smell to accumulate in the pack and play and gradually you would get rid of the smell.


There are many ways of removing the smoke smell out of the pack and pay, you could use either of them or a combination of them depending upon the intensity and severity of the smell accumulated in the pack and play. Only make sure, that whatever ingredients you use to deodorize pack and play should not be harmful to the baby and the resultant smell after adopting the above methods should also be comfortable for the babies.

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