Tips on Buying Play Yards and Mattresses

Do you wonder about those times when your parents watch you as you roam around in your play yard? Do you ever know when your mother changes your crib sheets lovingly and stare at you sleeping with full mouth open at night? Well, these may leave you good memories as a cute little one but now as you grow older and raise kids your own, you must have the proper knowledge already in using various baby products.

Two of the most common products especially made for babies will be tackled in this article which are play yards and crib mattresses. To those mothers who need some tips or guidance with purchase or usage of these, you’ve come to the right place! Let me show you useful ideas that help you be the best mom ever!

Play Yard for Playtime

First thing parents should buy for their baby is a play yard. It is a structure that provides space originally for babies to play. Nowadays, parents are busy doing a lot of stuffs at home that they need to look for a place where their baby can play and be safe while doing important tasks that cannot be left off.

There are also instances wherein they travel to other places with their babies and so it is a must-have item. In order for it to ensure play-safety for your baby, a play yard must meet safety guidelines.

There are different purposes for choosing to buy these products. Among them are for home and travel. Identifying the specific purpose of it is highly needed in the buying stage.

If it will serve as a place for playtime, a basic model will just be fine. However, if it is intended for bassinet and changing tables, then consider buying a play yard that provides you all of those features.

For this product, it is better to get a new one than a used model. Old play yards will just pose danger for your baby due to the sides of it that may easily collapse anytime. You don’t want to sacrifice your baby’s safety just for the sake of the price.

That being said, you have to restrain from buying from a bargain-sale that have prices that may be good to hear but do not have quality. Take note also that a play yard that has full of toys is a no-no. If your intention is to use it as a portable crib, you have to keep them away.

Easily maintained and washable play yards should not be overlooked as it will give you convenience later on after using. As for the appearance, there are many products to choose from that comes with different colors, size, cost and features. You may also want to your baby to experience a little extra so buy those with vibrations, nightlights, sounds and/or music. Pick what suits you and your baby the most.

Cozy Crib Mattress

Cozy Crib MattressOf course, purchasing it also means having a mattress. It is as valuable as play yard. It does not only make your baby comfortable but also keep him danger-free while sleeping.

There are two basic types of mattresses. First is the foam and the other is the innerspring. Generally, people prefer to buy the latter as they believe that foam easily breaks down after several months of using it. The dirt is also difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, some manufacturers say that this no longer applies in the present as a foam can last as long as an innerspring mattress in terms of quality.

As for mattresses, you must check if it retains the shape quickly after you press your hand to it and remove it. Faster recovery rate means easy position changes and movements for your baby. If you decide to buy innerspring, look for one that has lower gauge which means thicker wire, which is resilient thus, firmer.

When buying for mattresses, look for the right size that fits snugly in the crib. If it does not, then it could be an entrapment hazard on the part of your baby. Firmness is a good sign that you are choosing the right one. Don’t forget to test it with your hand for safety. Also, find one that has many vent holes capable of letting odors escape, retaining its good smell.

Again, the same with play yards, it has to meet safety standards set by the CPSC and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Foam mattresses usually costs from $50 to $100 while innerspring ones start at about $100 to $300.


Now you’ve just read these helpful hacks I have made just for you. No more sleepless nights, mommy! Enjoy your time with your baby without worrying too much. Please come back for more tips and guides on baby products here in this site!

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