Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

It’s not hard to stay healthy during pregnancy. A lot of it is just common sense and listening to your own body.

Know your limitations and trust your gut!

1. Exercise

Staying active is extremely important. Exercise will help to strengthen your muscles and build up your cardio vascular endurance. Exercise does not need to be vigorous it could simply be a walk each morning before work or a yoga class.

TIP: A fit body will cope with labor better and will help to maintain your weight gain to a healthy range.

2. Educate Yourself

Read books, surf the net and talk to friends and family members who have recently been through the experience.

TIP: Listen to everything and filter out what best applies for you.

3. Relax

Pregnancy can take its toll on your body. Growing a small human takes a lot of energy.

TIPS: Take naps when you can or simply sit to help recharge your batteries.

4. Health Care Checkups

Visit your preferred healthcare provider early on in your pregnancy and attend regular health check ups. Your health care provider will monitor both you and your unborn babies progress.

TIP: Regular check ups will help to eliminate stress and uncertainty.

5. Eat Well

Eat a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole foods such as brown rice, pasta, oats, whole meal bread and low fat proteins.

The food you eat will help nourish your unborn child.

TIP: Avoid eating too many processed foods. They are filled with large amounts of salt, sugar, artificial colours and flavors. This type of food will leave you feeling tied and lethargic.

Do Choose A Firm Crib Mattress

6. Shoes

Avoid heels and other shoes that might feel restrictive and uncomfortable.

TIP: Invest in a couple of comfortable pairs of flat shoes. Your feet will love your for it.

Comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

7. Maternity Bras

Invest in some maternity bras early on. At approx. 6 weeks of pregnancy you will start to notice a significant change in your breast size.

TIP: Invest in some good quality seamless bra options. They will stretch with your growing body without restriction.

At approx. 3 months of pregnancy your breast growth should have slowed down. At this point it is advised to visit your local maternity boutique to get fitted for a cupped sized bra. This bra will provide you with the much-needed support your heavier and larger breasts will need.

8. Clothing

Pregnancy provides you with an opportunity to shop. Invest in a few pieces of good quality maternity clothing that will last throughout your pregnancy.

TIP: Essentials- pair of jeans, leggings, fun maxi dress, tank tops.

Pair the maternity essentials with pieces from your current wardrobe to create a fun new vibe.

9. Indulge

Give into your cravings once and a while.

10. Stay Positive

Surround yourself with positive people. Focus on the good things in yourlife and worry less about things you cannot control.

11. Nil Smoking/Drugs

Smoking is both harmful to you and your unborn child. Should you be a smoker, now is the time to give up.

Avoid drugs while pregnant unless instructed otherwise by your health care provider.

12. Chemicals/Environmental Pollution

Choose eco friendly cleaning products over smelly toxic ones. Always wear clothes to help avoid contact with the skin.

TIP: Avoid polluted environments. The air we breathe directly affects your unborn baby.

13. Drink Water

Drink plenty of water daily to keep hydrated.

TIP: Carry a water bottle with you always.

14. Prenatal Vitamins

Take a prenatal Vitamin rich in folic acid and iron.

TIP: Consult your health care provider first for his or her recommendations. You may need a couple of other vitamins too depending on your eating habits and overall health.

15. Antenatal Classes

Attend an antenatal class later on in your pregnancy.

Both you and your partner will be in a learning environment with other couples in the same situation. Not only will you come away feeling empowered by all you have leant; you may even make a few new friends.

TIP: Book your classes early on in your pregnancy to ensure you get a place. Classes do tend to fill up fast.

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