Tips For Choosing Best Pack n Play

In comparison with traditional cradles or cribs, Pack n Play is an entirely different story since its offer your baby dozens of surprising advantages.

For those who don’t know, Pack n Play is also called “playard”, various in sizes, kinds, styles, colors, and materials. To find the best Pack n Play, you should visit thebabyguides where we summed up the most famous brands and top-selling models for you to make proper decisions.

No matter what Pack n Play you select, you’ll soon realize that owning it would result in endless benefits.

It’s much more comfortable and safer than regular squared playpens. Including a bassinet, a detaching station, a foldable structure, an entertainment center (toys, music), flashing lights, and so on, Pack n Play is, without a doubt, an excellent selection for kids from newborns to toddlers.

Types of Pack n Play

  • Basic.

This kind of Pack n Play includes all the typical features that you can look forward to a playard. They are a changing station, a detachable bassinet, foldability, meshes, and storage options.

In general, a basic Pack n Play is quite lightweight, easily fits with all the door sizes, and very convenient to move around or take away from your house. Its price varies in the range from $40 to $100.

  • Deluxe.

As the name suggests, deluxe Pack n Play offers you more premium features compared to the basic one. These are a couple of bassinets for two kids, a vibrating mattress, an electronic entertainment center, flashlights, a digital thermometer, and even a massage chair.

Of course, since it has much more additional functions, it will add more weight and cost more money, usually ranging from $100 to $200.

the best Pack n Play

Tips for Choosing the Best Pack n Play

Changing Station

For me, the best Pack n Play is the one having a changing table. This supplement helps to increase the versatility of your device and make it become a truly dual-purpose solution. Not only you have an endless entertaining playard for your baby, but you also own a portable napper and changer for your newborn in just one single package.


Many Pack n Play include a removable bassinet at the top via a couple of detaching handles. In general, this accessory gives your infant an extra option to sleep. However, note that you should always keep a keen eye on your baby while he/she’s lying or sitting on the bassinet because there’s a likelihood of falling out.

When your kid reaches the toddler phase, he/she is now able to climb out the bassinet. So the best advice is to detach bassinet when it comes to this time.


A Pack n Play with the ability to be folded is perfect for parents who frequently travel with their kid. That’s because this feature helps you minimize the size of your device, make it more compact and can be put easily into a backpack.

However, the degree of foldability varies between different models. You don’t have to invest in the highest level, in my opinion, the fundamental foldability is just enough.

the best Pack and Play


It’s a plus for Pack n Play having a couple of wheels or casters. In fact, almost parents today prefer this ability since they want to carry your newborn wherever they want even while he/she is sleeping. For safety warning, ensure the wheels are lockable so that the playard cannot be moved or slipped due to uneven surfaces.


If you’re living in a small house or tiny studio, then you probably don’t have enough space to store your baby clothes and diapers. In this case, a Pack n Play with side pockets or small pouches is necessary.

This feature will give you more room for storage, and of course, take you more money to purchase. In short, regardless of which option you select, ensure it’s large enough to hold things and outside the reach of your baby’s arm length when he’s playing in the playard.


The period of warranty is crucial in any product. It’s obvious that the longer warranty, the more chances for you to refund or repair your device. However, also note that if the company is confident about the durability of their products, they often give you the longer warranty time. In general, most Pack n Play come with one-year warranty.

Graco Pack 'N Play Element Playard


Entertainment in a Pack n Play refers to toys, lights, and music. The best Pack n Play cannot miss a built-in amusement for your curious kid. In basic models, removable and colorful toys create ear-catching sounds while vibrating.

In some deluxe models, they’re integrated with electronic lights and music players. Of course, they’ll add more weight and require more cash. But it’s worth to invest since these accessories not only make your baby busy for you to do your chores but also help to develop their brain.

Other Factors to Take Care

  • Fabric mattress is soft, comfortable, quick to clean, and friendly to the skin.
  • Airy mesh from four directions improves the ventilation and the sleeping quality of your baby.
  • Pack n Play should be at least 30 inches in height to keep your baby “in the box” and get rid of the possibility of climbing out.
  • Choose colors balancing the dark and light, which is very “sweet” to your baby’s eyes.


Without a doubt, a Pack n Play gives you a secure solution when it comes to creating a space for your newborn to sleep and play. Once your baby gets the best care, you and your spouse will eliminate the anxiety and have more time to enjoy the life.

Let’s invest this hassle-free comfort for your angel. If you need a reference to find the best Pack n Play, we have THIS ARTICLE for you. Keep in mind that a great parent is not the one who provide his/her children with everything, but the one who can bring the best things for them.

Regardless, thank you for reading our article. Goodbye.

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