Tips And Tricks For First-Time Parents

Kudos on your new bundle of joy and welcome to this journey called parenthood to all the first-time parents. Unfortunately, there are many rocky patches or exits on this ride, but there is a lifetime of joy and memorable moments.

Parenting will probably be one of the most challenging times in your lives for first-time parents, mostly due to insecurities about being a good parent and crippling fear of messing up your child and being termed as bad parents. Worry not, there are few things first-time parents need to know that it is easy to understand and will help you out a great deal in the long run.

Is Being A New Parent Hard?

Being a first-time parent is even harder, but it is not impossible. It doesn’t matter how much you have prepared, or how many parenting articles and books you have covered; nothing has prepared you enough for the baby.

Each baby comes with its own needs and preferences, and no report will have the sure-fire or a secret trick that will help in child-rearing; each child is unique and has specialized needs. The hardest thing for first-time parents is accepting that there is no such thing as “perfect parenting,” and everyone is just doing their best with what they have.

What Do New Parents Struggle With The Most?

New parents have a couple of things that they struggle with the most. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation will be the new normal.

The first few weeks will be the most trying as the baby needs constant attention with feeding every few hours, changing their diapers, cleaning up after them, and always getting them to sleep. First-time parents also tend to live in a constant state of terror and worry.

They are always second-guessing their parental abilities and tend to compare themselves to someone else or a particular book about they read about parenting.

First-time mothers struggle with changes on their bodies. They are usually sore from the birth process and takes them some time before their body heals completely. Healing may take some time as their bodies are in a constant state of exhaustion due to the lack of sleep, breastfeeding the baby every few hours, and other chores that come with the baby.

What Is Good Advice For New Parents?

The best advice for new parents is to stop, take a breath, and ask for help. Getting a newborn baby can be overwhelming, and most parents try to do everything by themselves.

They usually think that they have to prove themselves, and asking for help is a sign of weakness, well, it is not. They should get as much help as possible from their parents, in-laws, and willing friends.

Support includes getting someone experienced to watch the baby as you catch a few hours of sleep to recharge, and getting advice and tips from experienced mothers.

The following advice is to be patient, even though it does not seem like it, it always gets better. As the baby grows, the challenges you face will lighten, and your confidence in parenting will increase in time.

What Do New Parents Need?

All new parents need to be prepared. Preparations start even before the baby is born. The parent needs to get as much information as they can on first-time parenting before the baby arrives.

Although most of the advice will be useless, there is one or two that will be a life changer and will fit perfectly to the baby’s needs. Mental preparedness is also crucial. They should know what to expect and how much their lives would change after the baby. They should know that they probably will not sleep peacefully for a long time.

Their social life will be almost non-existent because the baby will take up all their time, and people make mistakes while parenting. They have to get all materials the baby needs, including a baby cot, diapers, baby clothes, baby products, and an emergency supply diapers and medicine stacked and ready in case of an emergency.

New parents also require a healthy support system of friends and family. People who will remind them that they are not alone and willing to help out in all situations will go a long way in ensuring their proper mental and physical health.


In conclusion, first-time parenting is harder than anyone can imagine. It contains mostly lack of sleep, crippling exhaustion, anxiety, and sheer terror.

The first few weeks might even make a person question why they even wanted to be parents or make them feel like they are not ready for it. But they should realize that it is normal to feel that way, and everyone who has a child has gone through the same at one point or another in their lives.

They should be the best parents they could be and arm themselves with all the necessary tools to raise their child right. Being a parent is not all hard. Many magical moments will happen when the kid grows up and will make you think that it was all worth it; you need to take a moment to experience them as they happen.

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