The Tone Of The Uterus During Pregnancy

The tone of the uterine symptoms Pregnancy brings a woman is not only pleasant chores in anticipation of the birth of the baby, but also many unpleasant moments that gave her discomfort.

Some pregnant during the next inspection gynecologists say that they have increased uterine tone. But not every woman knows what it is.

And the most important issue of concern to pregnant: what to do with the tone of the uterus when placing such a diagnosis. Let's try to deal with these issues.

What Is The Tone Of The Uterus?

The tone of the uterus - is a concept that refers to a strain of muscles of the uterus during pregnancy. It is also very common to hear the term hypertonicity, which means the same thing. The first concept is used more often due to the fact that it is shorter.

Normally, the uterus is calm and relaxed. That is why when the first manifestations of this condition should seek emergency medical attention.

The tone of the uterus during early pregnancy may be the first, and at times, and the only signs of a miscarriage.

Since the tone of the uterus can be observed in the later stages of pregnancy, it can lead to premature birth. However, increased uterine tone is not so bad as it seems. The main thing - time to recognize it and assign the appropriate treatment.

In the normal tone of the uterus during pregnancy only occurs before birth, and at this point it is a physiological phenomenon, allowing the uterus to expel the fetus out. As a result of such action to the light a new man is born.

Symptoms Of Uterine Tone

Tone Of The Uterus During Pregnancy

The most common symptoms of uterine tone are subjective feelings of the pregnant woman. Hypertonicity frequently manifest discomfort in the abdomen, which can be a drawing, of referred to the lumbar region, or menstrual pain resemble.

As soon as a pregnant woman appeared like feeling an urgent need to address to the local obstetrician-gynecologist to prescribe the right treatment for the purpose of preserving or prolonging pregnancy.

Symptoms of uterine tone should be confirmed clinically. For this woman appointed US control, carried out a vaginal examination and palpate the abdomen.

If the doctor feels the abdomen palpation of the uterus, the consistency similar to stone. Similar feelings arise when two-handed vaginal examination. But in the US shows that the uterine muscles are in a contracted state.

But it is not only an experienced gynecologist can only determine the appearance that a pregnant woman has a problem. The woman can also understand that it is necessary to consult a specialist. All of the above symptoms are obvious enough that require additional research.

The Causes Of Uterine Tone

The causes of uterine tone can be varied, and every woman they own. However it is possible to identify those of them, which occur most frequently. Among them a special place is given to the external environment causes: stress, lack of sleep, increased physical activity.

It is also an important role in the development of uterine hypertonus give smoking and reception of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. Age category under eighteen and over thirty years are at risk of developing uterine tone in pregnant women.

The tone of the uterus during the first trimester of pregnancy may be caused by lack of progesterone - a hormone that is responsible for the decrease in muscle tension of the uterus during pregnancy. Lack of this hormone can cause uterine activity and, as a consequence, the development of an abortion.

The tone of the uterus in the second trimester can be caused by factors associated with both of the uterus, and located outside of it. Uterine reason - it's all kinds of tumor diseases of inflammatory origin or hormonal disease. The risk of having gipertonus women suffering from endometriosis or uterine cancer.

The tone of the uterus in the third trimester is most often caused by reasons connected with the fetus. It is a large fetus, multiple pregnancy and polyhydramnios, which developed during it. This arises from the fact that the fetus against the walls of the uterus, which leads to the development of its reduction.

Prevention Of Uterine Tone

The tone of the uterus during pregnancy necessarily must be stopped to avoid miscarriage or premature birth. That is why timely registration with the women's clinic, regular visits to the gynecologist and active participation in the process of pregnancy can prevent undesirable consequences of this condition.

To tone of the uterus during pregnancy did not develop, you need less nervous, to spend more time outdoors, preferring hiking, however, bringing them to fanaticism.

Also for the normal development of the pregnancy must be taken in sufficient quantity vitamins and better in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Treatment Of Uterine Tone

If the diagnosis of uterine tone is already exposed, it is usually the woman is admitted to hospital. At the same time it is prescribed bed rest.

Treatment of uterine tone begins with sedation or relaxation. Because medications are very effective herbal sedatives such as valerian, motherwort or herbal tea based on peppermint. Very often, only one reception of these funds allows you to completely get rid of uterine hypertonus. Consequently, we can assume that in this case stress factors caused hypertonus or exercise.

If the symptoms are removed soothing tone, the woman may be advisable to expose yourself less negative emotions, preferring to lead a quiet life.

If sedatives did not help, you need a stronger reception of medicines. These include antispasmodics or miotropy which cause relaxation of smooth muscles and have a slight sedative effect. In this group of drugs focuses papaverine, drotaverine or no-shpe. Most often it appointed papaverine, as a relatively inexpensive and does not have adverse effects on the fetus.

Clinical experiments on pregnant women on the use of papaverine have been conducted, however, the effectiveness of its visible face. Apply papaverine began in the early twentieth century, and since then its negative effects on the mother and the fetus were found.

Pregnant women often applied papaverine in rectal suppositories to be used three times a day. It is in this, and it is the main drawback.

A uterine tonic receiving papaverine allows her to relax muscles, lower blood pressure, while it produces a soothing effect that reduces the stimulation of the nervous system of the mother. All this has a beneficial effect on the fetus, which is starting to get more oxygen and thereby develop further.

If the cause of the hypertonus is connected to the uterus, it is necessary to treat it. Only the set of all possible treatments will reduce uterine activity and prevent miscarriage or premature birth.

And remember, hypertonicity of the uterus occurs quite often. If you have been diagnosed with this, do not panic. Just think about your baby. This will allow you to relax a little, which favorably affect the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Lastly, thank you for reading my The Tone Of The Uterus During Pregnancy. Goodbye.

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Mama Munchkin - November 7, 2016

I had never heard of Uterine Tone before but I can relate to the fact that women need to share their stories to help other women who may be suffering similarly. I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome with my 3 pregnancies and it was incredibly dangerous bc I had ZERO of the common symptoms. Thankfully, I had read another women’s story and the first time I self-diagnosed and was able to get help in time. Then I had the knowledge going in the next two pregnancies.


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