The Right Guide To Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy is a crucial time in a woman’s life and comes with so many new responsibilities and risks.

There are so many things that a woman needs to keep in mind before, during and after her pregnancy.

With so many women conceiving their first or second child, it’s important to have access to the right resources to educate everyone of a healthy pregnancy.

Many of us are unaware of the proper facts and choose to stick to taboo knowledge of pregnancy health.

To avoid that, we have researched and jotted down the most relevant advice on pregnancy health.

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Your Health Before Pregnancy

1. Every Woman Needs to Take a Sufficient Amount of Folic Acid

Folic acid is an essential supplement for women who wish to conceive soon.

It is advised to take the supplement within the twelve months of planning to conceive. Most women lack an adequate amount of folic acid required in their body.

Folic acid is one of most significant supplement for the unborn child in the mother’s womb.

2. Control Your Weight Before Pregnancy

Begin controlling your weight before planning to take a child.

Your weight and obesity could become a risk factor for your pregnancy or could lead to complications during delivery.

If you are overweight, start following a well-balanced diet and exercise regime regularly prior to conceiving.

Once you conceive, dieting is not allowed as you may retain you and your unborn child from the necessary nutrients they need to grow and your body to function properly.

3. Avoid Smoking and Regular Intake of Alcoholic Beverage

Smoking and drinking are harmful to your unborn child and your delicate health as well.

It’s no wonder that the toxic fumes of the cigarette cause many health issues for the expecting woman, even if they’re exposed to other smokers excessively.

If you’re a chain smoker, it will turn out to be detrimental to your unborn child. You need to work on your habit for the well-being of your child.

Also, no alcoholic drinks once you’ve conceived.

During Your First Trimester

4. You Don’t Need Calories, You Need Nutrients

In-taking so many calories in the initial stages of pregnancy is an advice of the past.

You don’t need to eat for two as advised by elders, that is absolutely unnecessary and causes you to gain weight in a short span of time.

Instead, focus on consuming the right amount of nutrients your body requires during these times.

Ask your doctor to recommend you a nutritious diet that is healthy for you and your growing baby.

5. The Benefits of Early Ultrasound

Ultrasounds help to identify the health of the fetus in the womb and examine any complication that could exist.

It’s essential to go for an early ultrasound check as it ensures that the fetus is receiving the proper nutrients or is not facing any difficulties in the womb.

Having an ultrasound throughout your pregnancy will help your doctor take any necessary step early on if there is any while keeping you assured of a healthy baby after birth.

Be Prepared for More Than One Child

This could come off as a big surprise or shock to some parents who were not expecting twins when they first knew about the pregnancy.

Early ultrasound aids the parents to be aware if they are going to have a single child or two.

If the woman conceives a twin, an ultrasound can detect if one of them is receiving fewer nutrients and blood than the other which could cause one of the fetus to be less healthy.

6. An Ectopic Pregnancy and Negative Blood Type

Among many complications that expecting women face, an ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition for both of the mother and the unborn child.

Ectopic pregnancy is the condition where the fetus develops in one of the fallopian tubes rather than being in the uterus (womb).

It is a rare case but if the ectopic ruptures then bleeding occurs in the abdomen of the mother that could be identified by abdominal pain, shoulder tip pain and bleeding.

Another complication could occur when the mother has a rhesus negative blood type that could cause an immune response to the baby by destroying the red blood cells and lead to anemia.


Both of the complications require early treatment, the first with surgery and the latter with taking an Anti-D injection.

Through Your Second Trimester

7. Be on The Move

If you think resting all throughout your pregnancy is going to improve your health, you are wrong.

Follow an exercise regime that is specifically catered towards pregnant women and remain active.

However, avoid strenuous activities that could cause harm to your unborn child, know what’s doable and stick with that.

8. Keep Track of Your Baby’s Kicks

During your second trimester, you will begin to feel little kicks in your stomach that you need to keep count of.

Understand the pattern of your child’s movement and kicks including the usual times they do or what triggers them the most.

Any change in movement or fewer kicks should be a concern for the mother.

9. Infections That Leads to Premature Birth

Premature birth occurs due to complications and infections during the second trimester.

It’s crucial to be aware of possible infections that could lead to a premature birth.

Contact your doctor immediately if there is a sudden breaking of water or labor pain during the second trimester.

The Third and Final Trimester

10. Get Sufficient Rest at Night


Being unable to sleep during this time is a common scenario.

It is advised that mothers should take as much rest at night as possible.

But if the frequent trips to the loo, aches, and pain make one long sleep period difficult, carry on with short sleep cycles.

The usual pillows may not provide adequate comfort and support to your body, as a result, may leave you tossing and turning around.

Consider purchasing pregnancy pillows that are perfect for pregnant women to embrace their growing abdomen for a better sleeping position.

11. Remove Stress From Your Life

Keep your thoughts from getting into your way of well being.

We know that delivery is a big event in your life and there are so many things that could go wrong.

Be optimistic and think about the good things once the delivery is over.

Your mental health will affect your baby so keep that in mind and try to remain calm during these times.

Final Words

Pregnancy health determines how the unborn child will be after birth, the overall experience of the mother and everything in between.

Cut down on bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy.

Try to be stress-free and frequently visit your doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

We hope you have a great pregnancy and a blissful motherhood!

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