Take Care Of Your Health Suitably

Our health is extremely important and needs to be cared for carefully. In this article, we will give you some tips for keeping healthy and what to avoid to not weaken your health. Also regular cleaning is a way to improve the health for you and your family,  I often use the cleaning services NYC.

Brush Your Teeth 30 Minutes After Having Meals

Brushing teeth right after having meals is absolutely a wrong perception. The reason is that the amount of acid in the food we have eaten can soften our enamel and cause damage to our teeth if we brush them immediately.

According to experts, you should wait for 30 minutes after eating then we brush our teeth so that our mouths have enough time to secret saliva to neutralize the acid. In addition, the amount of saliva secreted will help our teeth stronger as the teeth can absorb more calcium and there will be a coating formed to protect our teeth.

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Eating Fruits One Hour Before Having Meals

Fruit is a kind of fresh food so eating fruits one hour before meals will help our white blood cells in our bodies not increase, which is beneficial for the immune system. Concurrently, this helps us to absorb maximally the amount of vitamin contained in the fruits.

One important thing to remember is that we should not eat fruits after meals as a kind of dessert on the grounds that at that time, our stomachs are concentrating on digesting other food. The stomach cannot absorb any more vitamins in the fruits. In addition, it becomes sour, which is harmful to our stomachs and digest systems.

Drink Milk Before Going To Bed

Milk contains a lot of calcium and minerals so drinking milk before sleeping will help our bodies absorb calcium more easily. Apart from this, drinking milk before our sleep will make up for the lack of iron at night and contribute to making our bones healthier and stronger.

Have A Bath 30 – 40 Minutes Before Sleeping

We had better have a bath and do body hygiene 30 – 40 minutes before going to bed, which helps us to relax and makes our muscles comfortable. This also brings to us a better sleep. Likewise, 30 – 40 minutes are enough for us to relax and balance our bodies after a hardworking day.

Choose Suitable Time For Sleeping

Our sleep at noon should start at 1 pm as this is the time all the parts of our bodies feel tired so we can sleep easily. We had better sleep for 20 – 30 minutes at noon. Sleeping for too long will make us more tired and we will not want to do anything after getting up. In the evening, we should sleep at 10 – 11 pm. The sleep is deepest at 0 – 3 am so we need at least one hour to have a good sleep at night.

In conclusion, it is vital to stop forming and keeping bad habits that affect our health negatively. Try to do exercise, have a suitable nutrient diet and care for our sleep to stay healthy all the time.

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