How To Take Care Of A Newborn

The truth is that the quality of a baby’s life are important directives role of hygiene, provide a good formula to protect a variety of infections that are particularly sensitive, and sleep and biological rhythms adjust their operating the family.

The ritual bath is not innate, or for parents or baby. This time must be mutually, not just an exercise in hygiene, but also the opportunity to establish complicity. There are children who do not like that plunge into the water, but most of them benefit from the bathroom and end up with a game.

After the first day, in which all question is new, small and parents begin to take pleasure in the small daily gestures.

The bathroom is one of them, but also one of the best ways to preserve the health of small and guard against possible diseases. Regularly clean your baby’s bathroom with service apartment cleaning Chicago.

Hygiene Younger

The first thing to do is to make sure the room temperature between 24 and 25 degrees- and place the necessary material available. Thus, the temptation stops avoiding the small to pick up anything. If the father or mother is alone, better get on the phone or answering machine. You should also check the expiry date of hygiene products to use and avoid exposure to a heat source, because high temperatures may alter its composition.

The first months, it is advisable to place the locker room near the bath, before bathing, towel and clothes extended are necessary to change little. Never leave your baby alone, even if the edges of the dressing are high. Or more and you can wear it on a bed after bringing him out of the tub and go with a towel.

The Best Time For Bath

how to bathing a newborn

Somehow, the baby adapts to the needs of the adult, it is best to choose the moment that Father, Mother, ambos are quieter. In any case always avoid swimming while eating or just when you start to feel hungry. Some mothers prefer to do it in the evening and before the last shot, when the baby is generally found more agitated. This is a good time to do this because it distracts the bathroom, relaxes and soothes. This will be the ideal time interval when they become older.

Prepare The Water and The Child Comfort

This practice will prevent a too hot ready bath. You should never immerse the baby in water without checking the temperature: around 38 to 39 degrees; and 37 degrees at the time of insertion,. Ideally, use a bath thermometer; default elbow can be referred to, but never finger. In the early days, it is more practical to use a liquid soap is poured into the water before the baby dive.

Now with little above the dressing lying, you first remove the layer and remove the feces could have. Then they are completely naked. This may be a good time to give a body massage, using child oil. Babies greatly appreciate this warm contact with the mother.

To immerse the baby in the bath, arms through the back and hand held is in front of the armpit aside of the person who bathes. Thus, arms also hold his head up; you should always be above water. With your other hand holds the buttocks and is gradually immersed. With this hand soap on the baby. It is best served for hands, not only because they are clean, but because they can give him great pleasure.

Plush glove to be sterilized may also be used each day. For now, it is better to forget the towel, a real nest of microbes. Also avoid foam between the eyes and hair should be very clear. For water to be stuck in the same manner as to introduce, is then placed on the dresser and is wrapped with a towel.

To avoid redness and irritation, wipe gently with a particular emphasis on the elbows and knees folds, behind the ears and under the armpits and anus. The towel should be changed every two or three days or more often in case of accidental stains.

All The Little Details

The ears are cleaned with gauze or a clean cotton handkerchief, never with sticks, because if the baby made a sudden movement, it runs the risk of perforating the eardrums. If your baby nails are too long, probably spiders.

In such cases,, you’d better cut, but not much, to prevent infection if the thin skin of your fingers crack. If that’s not spider, experts recommend waiting a few weeks to cut them. Scissors must be disinfected with alcohol at 60 ° before and after each use. As for nails, deal with them is useless in the first months, since their growth is minimal.

  • Layers

Should be performed six to eight times a day during the first month until the baby starts to urinate and defecate regularly. The dryer they are the baby’s bottom; there will be fewer problems of irritation.

Initially, it is recommended to use a specific moisturizer to clean, designed to protect your skin against the aggression of the urine or feces. Later can be used wet wipes, best agents without alcohol and hydrating. The cleaning is done from front to back and slightly dry towel. If irritation, you must choose a treatment cream. As for the bathroom, before changing diapers everything is ready around to avoid leaving baby alone.

  • The Eighth Month

Of the year, the child may manifest with hair washing. Overall disrupted water on the head and face. A good strategy is to get them used to stretch a bit and go back and clarify mojarles using the plastic jug. Washing hair can then be reduced to three or four times a week, but always keeping the bathroom every day.

  • His First Vanity

All products must be used specifically for babies. Never use an adult shampoo gel, it is particularly fragrant. There is a risk of causing allergy little skin.

  • Hypoallergenic liquid soap (You can use it to wash your hair and body).
  • Body Oil (for massage before bath).
  • From alcoholic water (a few drops on your hair and clothes, never on his face).
  • Hydrating soap.
  • Treatment Cream (friction areas).
  • Soft brush (styling).

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