Symptoms Of Pregnancy: How To Recognize Them?

They are nicknamed sympathetic signs. They are nevertheless only sympathetic to their name! And if they are sometimes revealing of a pregnancy it is, of course, essential to check it by a blood test.

Pregnant: What Symptoms?

A few days late menstruation, unusual sensations and this question that arises as an obvious: and if I was pregnant? What are the first signs of this happy event and how do we recognize them?

The Delay of Menstruation: the First Sign of Pregnancy

It is undoubtedly the most significant and the one to think first. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, the absence of menstruation on the expected date can then be a sign of pregnancy. It is also very common to feel tightness in your lower abdomen as if you were going to have your period.

However, many women have irregular cycles and cannot rely on the absence of rules. Many elements can disrupt a cycle and result in delayed ovulation. Note that bleeding may also occur on the expected day of your period.

A Tense and Painful Chest

Your breasts are painful, especially on the sides. They are also harder and bulkier and you do not go back into your bra? This may indeed be a revealing sign of a pregnancy. This symptom appears in the first few weeks.

If so, immediately opt for a bra at your waist that will hold your chest well. You will also notice a change in the nipple areola. It becomes darker with small granular swellings.

Unusual Fatigue

Usually, nothing stops you. Suddenly, you turn into a real marmot. Everything tires you. Unrecognizable, you spend your days to doze and wait for only one thing: the evening to be able to sleep. Rest assured, this state of fatigue will fade as the first trimester of pregnancy. In the meantime, rest!

Nausea of the Pregnant Woman

On average, one woman in two would suffer from nausea. In the morning, when you have not yet set foot on the floor, you feel daubed. Most of the time in the morning, nausea may occur at any time of the day.

Always plan a small snack, even when you jump out of bed. Splitting your meals by eating more often in smaller quantities is sometimes effective in alleviating these unpleasant symptoms. If some women experience only some unpleasant nausea, others have to cope with more vomiting. Do not hesitate to tell your doctor if this is the case and if the symptoms persist.

Constipation, Heartburn, Heaviness

Another small inconvenience very pleasant: it is not uncommon in the first weeks of pregnancy to feel heartburn, heaviness after meals, bloating. Constipation is also part of the usual ailments. Be sure to eat a lot of fiber and drink enough water so that this little inconvenience does not last too long.

An Unregulated Diet

Tone Of The Uterus During Pregnancy

Victim of uncontrollable cravings or, on the contrary, you can not swallow anything? This is a lot of many women in early pregnancy. You can also know the famous cravings of pregnant women and desire to eat a food right away! Conversely, some foods that you usually enjoy will disgust you suddenly. Nothing alarming to that ...

Sensitivity to Odors in Pregnant Women

Besides altering the taste sensations, your sense of smell will also play you tricks. When you wake up, the smell of toast will disgust you suddenly, your perfume will not please you anymore, or the idea of eating a chicken roasted at lunch will sick you in advance.

This hypersensitivity to odors is generally the cause of nausea. In the opposite case, you may discover a sudden passion for the smell of jasmine or coffee!

A Changing Mood During Pregnancy

You burst into tears or burst out laughing for nothing? It's normal. The mood swings are indeed frequent in the pregnant woman. They are due to the hormones that make you hypersensitive. You can go from a euphoric state to a great sadness in a few minutes.

Rest assured, it is generally passenger. But sometimes, this can last a good part of the pregnancy ... Your companion will then have to be understanding!

A Frequent Urge to Urinate

Yes, it is well known, a pregnant woman often has urgent cravings. And this happens from the beginning of pregnancy. If the baby's weight is not yet the cause of these cravings, the uterus already presses on the bladder. Take your trouble patiently, you will have for nine months.

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