Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

But why feet still were swollen? Colossal changes the body at this time is not always on the ideal scenario - this is the case. How exactly fit into the changes swelling of the legs, and whether to worry about their appearance depends on many factors.

Swelling Of Feet During Pregnancy - Causes and Treatment

Many physicians attribute the appearance of edema with the intense production of progesterone - a hormone of pregnancy, affects the elasticity of blood vessels. This is especially noticeable in the third trimester.

In the same period, there is a decrease in pregnant albumin (the protein responsible for the pressure level in blood plasma), which may be the cause of edema. Accumulation sodium body also called a cause of edema, so it has a feature to retain water in the tissues. There is another popular explanation occurrence leg edema in pregnancy.

Due to the fact that the uterus is constantly increasing in size, it exerts pressure on the vein located in the pelvis. This complicates the blood and lymph circulation, which stimulates the formation of edema in the lower extremities.

Swelling of feet during pregnancy - Causes and Treatment

Sometimes the culprit of edema can become a very expectant mother. Taste change during this period, and often pregnant women want salty or spicy. Indulging his whims, many violate diet, eating too much salt. While its use in this period is necessary to try to limit. The plight of those who are forced to spend their workday on their feet.

In that case, the swelling is inevitable, because the load on the body is not even doubled and increases dramatically. If you cannot periodically sit down and give your feet a rest, you need at least a shift from one foot to the other, making the rotational movement feet, shake them in order to stimulate the circulation of blood. Effects of leg edema in pregnancy.

Effects Of Leg Edema in Pregnancy

Effects of leg edema in pregnancy

If the swelling associated with painful sensations, and when pressed for a long time retained a trace - a pit, then observing obstetrician should reflect seriously on the problem. Aggravation of varicose veins or the birth - all this is very unpleasant and requires the intervention of a doctor in phlebotomist process.

He will choose the treatment option and recommends that the necessary compression hosiery - tights, stockings, stockings with a compression fit class. This is very important because too much pressure therapeutic hosiery can only hurt, not help, but not enough - be useless.

When accompanied by swelling of the legs and increase blood pressure in pregnant - this is a serious cause for alarm. And the right to be a gynecologist, suspecting preeclampsia and take all precautionary measures.

Tips For Pregnant Women To Eliminate Leg Edema

About how much fluid you need to drink during pregnancy, medical experts are arguing to this day. Some believe that especially in the third trimester is necessary to limit the total amount of fluid consumed 750 milliliters. Others believe that it is not enough. It is important that it is to drink at this crucial period of his life:

  • Tea, coffee should be limited.
  • Carbonated beverages desirable to eliminate.
  • Healthy dairy products, cocoa, yogurt, compote of dried apricots or apples.

Twenty-four hours of the pregnant woman it is advisable to divide into two equal halves. One should be devoted to wakefulness, and the other - to rest and sleep. Very good, if you can lie down for an hour and a half, and in the daytime.

The legs while resting in order to avoid swelling recommended lift. All kinds of pillows and cushions are perfect for this purpose. Walking in nature, fresh air - will benefit both the expectant mother and the baby. At least an hour a day, it is necessary to dedicate pedestrian walks.

Massage With Leg Edema

Massage With Leg Edema

A useful gift for a pregnant woman may become a hot foot bath. Water massage perfectly relieves fatigue, relaxes. Not bad just to hold the feet in warm water with a few drops of rosemary oil, chamomile or cypress.

Benefit and hand massage - from the feet to the knees. You can make yourself a massage, using terry towels hard. It is important not to forget that the massage movements must be directed from the bottom up - current of lymph, it will help disperse the swelling. Foot Cream with horse chestnut or hazel, too, can help relieve swelling and overcome restless leg syndrome.

Very convenient to massage your feet spiky massage ball, especially from the set Su-Jok. Sitting in a chair working on the computer at the same time rolling the ball feet, it is possible to achieve a double effect: to reduce leg swelling and stimulate the function of internal organs.

Treatment Of Leg Edema

With herbs during pregnancy should be treated very carefully, but after consulting with a medical expert, it is possible to find a suitable herbal tea with a diuretic effect. Do not forget about vitamins that strengthen the walls of blood vessels (P, E, C), and contributing to the improvement of blood circulation.

The easy diuretic effect has an infusion of dried apricots (pour boiling water for a few hours; drink a few minutes before a meal). Dried apricots are rich in potassium, an essential element for the water-salt metabolism in the body. Well showed itself in the struggle against edema following recipes are not contraindicated for pregnant women:

  • 2 tablespoons of flax seed poured a liter of boiling water and infuse it in a thermos. The infusion is drunk in small doses throughout the day.
  • 2 onions cut into rings in the evening and pour sugar. In the morning squeeze the juice and drink 30 minutes before meals.

Effective tea from dandelion roots, but it is contraindicated in cholecystitis. Amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment of leg edema cabbage leaves. Dark green - are especially good for this purpose.

Leaves need to wrap the legs and fix them in time, until they become wet, then remove. Cole pulls out tissue excess fluid and relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs. Food can also serve as a remedy and rid the body of edema.

Pumpkin and watermelon, strawberries and currants, parsley and asparagus perfectly cope with the role of "green" healers. Because homeopathic medicines recommended sodium chloride - helps to normalize the fluid exchange.

Important! Always remember that the pregnancy - is the too important stage of life, it is absolutely not suitable for experimentation and unjustified risks. Before you start to use any means, be sure to consult with a specialist.

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