Surviving Teething Woes Using Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

You’ve heard the sounds. The terrible sounds of your baby crying due to the pain that teething is causing them. As a parent, your goals in life center around to make your little bundle happy and healthy. Teething symptoms can make them feel a variety of hard to take pains and aches, but don’t worry there are solutions for all of your teething problems.

What Is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is a natural and safe substance that is over a thousand years old. Baltic amber comes from the tree resin that has been fossilized inside of Conifer trees. This tress grows in the dark areas that border the Baltic Sea.

There are many types of amber, but Baltic amber is most effective for pain relief. This is because it contains the highest amount of Succinic acid. Succinic acid is what makes Baltic amber an amazing pain reliever and inflammation reducer.

This natural substance is found in many foods, as well as medicines. A common medicine that has a significant amount of succinic in it is cream for muscle pain and arthritis.

How Does Succinic Acid Work?

As you now know succinic acid is great for pain relief, but you might have questions as to how it gets into your body. Well, that answer is more simple than you would expect. Your baby would only need to wear the Baltic Amber teething necklace made of Baltic Amber beads.

As you wear the jewelry, your body’s natural heat will warm the Baltic Amber teething necklace and cause it to release a small amount of oil containing Succinic acid that your body will absorb. Once absorbed its properties will help you by reducing pain and inflammation in any part of your body.

The Different Style of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Do Choose A Firm Crib Mattress

Baltic amber teething necklaces come in a variety of different style and colors. Some of which would be ideal for your baby others would not. Some of these necklaces have beads that are pointed and jagged.

This could be fine for older children and adults as a fashionable way to obtain natural pain management. However, for babies, this is not ideal. Choose rounded smooth beads for their necklace. This will reduce the chance of the necklace irritating your baby’s skin.

Baltic amber teething necklaces also come in a rainbow of colors. Green, yellow, orange, and blue. Most commonly you will find mostly orange necklaces with a milky looking surface. Other colors like blue are more expensive and used for higher end jewelry. That's not what you are looking for in a teething necklace.

How to Spot a Fake Baltic Amber Necklace

Because teething necklaces are so popular there are lots of fakes out there. A fake necklace may look like a real one, but it won’t help your baby at all. Without the Succinic acid it is only a necklace so take precaution when choosing a retailer.

Never buy a necklace without a guarantee of authenticity in writing, such as the one offers. There are also tests that you can do to easily spot a fake. If necklaces look too perfect, they could be glass instead of amber.

Your necklace will most likely be polished but you should be able to spot an imperfection here is there. You could also try the saltwater test. Fill a bowl with some water a salt. A real Baltic amber necklace will float, other materials like glass will sink.

Care and Maintenance

Teething necklaces can last generations if treated properly. Choose a necklace that fits your baby snugly so that they will not be tempted to gum it for additional relief. Also, don't take the necklace on any swimming trips as chlorine can damage it permanently.

Also, the things that we use every day can affect its potency. So make sure that you are taking care to keep things like lotion, sunscreen or other care items like that off the surface of your necklace.

To clean the necklace simply run cold water over it and leave it on a towel to air dry. These simple steps will preserve your teething necklace for many years.

Keep in Mind

As stated before these necklaces are not meant to gum on. There are many different things that would be great for your baby to gum on. The first of which is a cold or frozen washcloth. They can gum on this safely.

Teething rings can be bought quickly and affordable. They can gum on these on the go to provide additional relief. For particularly difficult teething pain over the counter pain, medicines can be given to your baby.

Choosing what is best for your child cane a daunting task. So it is important to take the time find the answers that you need. DO what’s best for you and your children.

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