Strategic Usage of your Pack N Play for Sleeping

Generally, parents do not know how to at least take a nap because of the rigorous hours of taking care of their baby. Sure, tending to a baby and getting him to sleep can be bothersome and tiring to others but there are actually several ways on how mommies and daddies can have peace in their mind by just following these strategic usage of the Pack N Play for sleeping.

Taking good care of your baby doesn’t mean no sleeping. Basically, this is the common perception among many parents when it comes to this matter. They think that because of the minute-after-minute needs of their baby, they will never even have an hour rest for themselves. Fortunately, those who are experts in this field know how to handle these kind of situations that’s why they decided to share some tips for all of the parents who struggle to get some sleep.

Sleep is important both for a baby and a parent. If one of them hasn’t gotten any sleep, then it will surely affect the other. Come to think of it, if a baby isn’t getting enough sleep, do you think his mother will feel good about it? How about when the baby;s mother barely sleeps an hour, do you think she will be functional for work? That only means the two of them need sleep.

Share the Same Room

Babies becomes calm and peaceful when they know that their parents are right beside them. Seeing your presence makes him feel secured. Thus, sharing the same room with your baby can be a good idea. With the help of your Pack N Play’s mobility, you can move it to your room. You can place it next to your bed. Due to this, if your baby cries and wants some attention from you, you can easily attend him. Now, you will not be very anxious whenever you have to sleep on your own.


One of the best ways to get sleep on the part of parents is to take their baby in shifts. This effective especially if you have your wife or husband with you to help you everyday or during selected days in a week. For example, you will take the morning until noon time hours in taking care of your baby while your husband handles the rest of the day. That way, both of you will have sufficient amount of time to sleep and recharge. Just make sure both of you don’t have conflicting schedules  that will hinder this to happen.

Ask for Assistance

This is actually helpful if you have a relative that already has an experience in babysitting. Let’s say you have a sister who is not new in terms of tending to babies, then you might want to ask her for some assistance with your child. Tell her that you need to rest and that you do not want to leave your baby while sleeping. Prior to that, you must tell her what your baby’s usual behaviors are and other things that might help her in taking care of your baby. However, do not ask somebody to do it unless you know him or her personally.

Taking Midnight Snacks

If you usually stay up late at night due to your baby, you can take midnight snacks that may energize you for sometime. Mothers recommend you to eat crackers, peanut butter, yogurt or skim milk. According to them, it will help you to have energy tomorrow morning. So do not forget to buy for some at groceries to prepare at night!


Parents need not to worry anymore of their child when they are sleeping. While their baby is safe and sound in the Pack N Play, they can always apply what they have learned here to get full rest for everyday tending. After all, it is not only your baby who needs sleep but also you. Happy sleeping time for you and your baby!

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