Sleep Deprived Moms: Tips for Sleep, Skin, and Fitness

So you made sure you had the healthiest pregnancy possible. You cruised into that delivery room with skin that’d make Gwyneth Paltrow renounce all her vegan ways if you told her the secret behind it was a great big steak.

You were vigilant when it came to getting those vitamins in, you exercised just the right amount and you cut out anything that could even resemble processed food. The result? Your pregnancy glow was even to blind the receptionist who admitted you.

Fast-forward a few months and…let’s just say you’ve let the glow go, shall we?! Your hair hangs limp around your shoulders, having not been washed since Tuesday (whenever that was). Your blackhead-riddled pores are a map of the sleepless nights and poor diet that’s become the norm in your life. But of course, you couldn’t care less.

After all, baby’s priority numero uno, right? And who gives a damn about personal appearance, or even hygiene?!

Well, you really should. Not just for the sake of those around you but for your own peace of mind, too. Because when you start feeling better about yourself, well, you’ll start feeling better about everything else, too.

But it goes deeper than just the skin. If you’re sleep-deprived, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to all kinds of physical and mental illnesses. Your immune system is weaker, so you might start picking up every cold and flu doing the rounds.

What starts as tiredness and irritability in the morning can lead to anxiety and full-blown depression. And since sleep deprivation is also linked to physical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, it’s in your best interest to get a good night’s sleep, every night. This of course, benefits your child too – as a healthier, happier you means a healthier, happier mom!

So here are a few tips on improving your appearance, your fitness and your sleep. They’re all simple to take on board and they all can make a big difference!

For your skin…

Being kind to your skin doesn’t have to come at a high price.

  • Rub some organic cold-pressed coconut oil on your face and body every night for skin that’s as radiant as your pre-baby glow. Oh, and massage some into your hair while you’re at it as a leave-in conditioner. Bye bye, lifeless locks, hello hair that’s worthy of a L’Oreal ad!
  • Bad sleep? Get rid of dark circles by wetting two teabags and placing each cool parcel over your eyelids. Kick back and relax for ten minutes while they work their magic.
  • Try some of these homemade face masks to clear your skin from the trials of city living... without having to look further than your kitchen cupboard.
  • Great skin starts with a sensible diet. So keep up the caution you exercised when pregnant – get those veggies and vitamins in and leave the processed stuff out of your life.

For your fitness...

So that gym membership may have passed away when baby was born. But there’s no excuse; anyone can fit even 15 minutes of fitness into their day!

  • Start each morning with some gentle stretches to wake up your body, inside and out. Ankle, hip, wrist and shoulder rotations are great for blood circulation and for ridding your body of any tension from the night. Interlocking your fingers and stretching your arms, first out in front of you, then behind your back, is amazing for opening up those shoulders, particularly if one side is aching from carrying bubs around!
  • Fitness applies to your mind as well as your body; and a brisk walk in some fresh air can work wonders on both. If you’re cooped up inside all day, you’re more likely to feel overwhelmed and underslept as a result. So do yourself a favour – make sure to get out even for a quick walk around the block, every day, and you’ll notice the benefits in no time.

For your sleep...

Do Choose A Firm Crib Mattress

This is a really important one because it feeds into the other two. Without sufficient sleep, our skin suffers, plus we probably lack the energy to exercise. Staying well rested, on the other hand, gives us the energy and positivity needed to face the day with a smile!

  • Make sure your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary and not an office, a workout area or an entertainment centre. Keep those screens and equipment in a different room and stick to what you should be doing in bed. (I’m talking about sleep. Sheesh!)
  • Solve any sleep problems you’re having by taking the advice of those in the know. Whether it’s tips on the best sleep position for your personality or meditation exercises to help you calm an anxious mind, there’s plenty of resources out there to help you get a sounder sleep.

That’s about all, moms! Now that you know how to look, feel and sleep great my work here is done. I hope you’ve found these tips useful and that you can be the healthier, happier mom you’re so close to being!

Rosie M. Jordan

Hello my name is Rosie. I am a 36-year-old SAHM to an energetic little boy called Andrew. We love reading, Toddler Sense, the library and trips to the park. To get in touch you can email us

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