How To Sanitize Baby Stuffs – Pack N Play Guide

Everyday, your baby comes in contact with your Pack N Play. Due to that, you cannot avoid it smelling bad and having unwanted stains. Now, you wouldn’t like him touching those dirty toys or sleeping on that mattress that was washed a month ago. Therefore, making sure that all your baby things are clean is one of your obligation at home. This must be done with the right instructions so read on the following tips on how to sanitize baby stuffs.

Basic- G and Basic- H

There are two best all-purpose cleaners that will also help you do this- Basic G and Basic H. They are both well cleaners. Not to mention that Basic G is a germicide, which is great for killing all the germs and leaving the good ones. Using bleach damages the color of your sheets so Basic G is suitable for the job. It is also non-toxic which is safe to use around your baby.

Pack N Play Instructions

When cleaning Pack N Play, put it first in your tub filled with hot water. Add laundry detergent, baking soda and vinegar. After that put it in the tub while the water is running. For sure it will float on the water  so you can place the base of the Pack N Play to hold it down. Reverse the mattress after 30 minutes or so and leave it there for another one hour. Afterwards, get it out from the tub and you will notice the difference between its appearance before and after. Leave it to air dry and your done with it!

WARNING: Do not soak your Pack N Play mattress in the hot water if it is made of cardboard!

Your Baby’s Toys

Cleaning plastic toys is the easiest in your task. With the help of Baby G, which is a degerm tool, you can spray it onto a cloth and then proceed to wipe. Otherwise, you can spray it directly onto the toys you want to clean.


Safety is what’s next to cleanliness. You just have to make sure your baby items are germ-free. You don’t necessarily need to buy brand new baby products after a specific period of time. Taking good care of it is just a simple yet very beneficial thing. Thank me later for the tips!

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