Safety Tips for Kids When Driving in a Car to Avoid Injuries in an Accident

You can’t leave your kids at home alone, so you decided to bring them along with you. However, should you ever get caught in an accident, you wouldn’t want your kids to get injured at all, especially since they might affect both their physical and mental development.

Thus, presented below are some safety tips for kids to follow whenever they’re with you while you’re driving your car.

1. Ask Your Kids To Get Seated In The Back Row Of Your Car – Or In The Middle Row If It Has One – And Not Beside You.

The back or middle seats of your car is its safest area; the front faces most of the force whenever you get caught in an accident.

  • If your car has middle seats, you should tell your kids to sit in there. But if your car only has two rows, you should tell your kids to sit in the back.
  • If any of your kids insist on occupying the seat beside you, you should tell them that they can only sit there once they’re already old enough.

2. Provide Your Kids With A Separate Car Seat That’s Suitable For Their Age.

The default upholstery in your car isn’t fit yet for any of your kids to sit in as those seats are for grown-ups. Thus, you should buy separate car seats for your kids. However, not every car seat is the same, so you should be careful.

  • If any of your kids are below two years old, you should get them a rear-facing car seat.
  • Once your kid has turned two, ditch the rear-facing car seat that you previously bought for them and replace it with a forward-facing one.
  • And if your kid has turned five, you’ll have to replace their forward-facing car seat with a booster seat.

3. Check If Your Kids Have Fastened Their Seat Belts Properly Before Starting Your Car.

No matter where you plan on going, you’ll all have to wear seat belts so that you’re all protected from injuries should an accident occur.

  • If your kids need a bit of convincing, you should always be the first one to buckle yours.
  • In case any of your kids suddenly unbuckled their seat belt while in the middle of your drive, you should pull over to the side of the road and refasten it while telling them that it’s for their own protection.
  • You should also make sure that your kids’ seat belts aren’t too tight or too loose.

4. Turn Your Car’s Child Safety Lock On Whether You’re On The Go Or Parked Somewhere.

Unlike you, your kids are unable to stay still for a long period while in your car. In fact, you might find them already flailing their limbs out of sheer excitement only minutes after you started your engine.

  • You don’t want your kids to open the door of your car and suddenly jump out, most especially when you’re driving on the highway. Thus, you should switch on the child safety lock.
  • If you stop at the gas station, you might have to leave your kids unattended for a while. Keep its child safety lock activated so that they don’t hightail it.

5. Make Sure That Your Kids Get Out Of Your Car Away From Any Passing Vehicles.

You may have to pull over if one of your kid has to pee and the nearest gas station is too far away.

  • Before letting your kids get out of your car, you should check first to see if you are protected by a barrier, especially if below it is a ravine.
  • You should also make sure to closely watch your kids once they’ve gotten out of your car as you don’t want to lose them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 120,000 children aged 12 and below got injured as a result of vehicular accidents that occurred in 2014. You don’t want your kids to be part of that statistic; they have a bright future ahead of them!

If you’re regularly taking your kids along with you in any of your drives, you need to teach your kids the above-listed safety tips to keep them safe. But in case a car accident happened to you and your kids, you should call a lawyer as soon as possible. You may click here to know more about your legal options on the topic as well.

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