Safe and Comfortable: Sleeping Positions With A Baby Bump

During pregnancy, it is a common problem for expectant mothers to suffer in achieving a good night sleep. The body of pregnant women prepares itself for the event of childbirth and under construction towards the development of the fetus inside her womb.

Achieving an ample amount of sleep is vital for pregnant women. However, it is bizarre since the body needs it the most. Sleep is sabotaging people. Since pregnant women are still getting used to the weight that their baby bump adds, it's hard for them to find the best position when sleeping.

An ideal sleeping position will always change in each trimester, and it can be considered as a challenge also. Here are some of the sleeping positions that pregnant women can do, to avoid twist and turns on their beds.

Sleeping On Tummy During Pregnancy

Sleeping On Tummy During Pregnancy

Some women prefer to sleep on their tummy during pregnancy, and there is no problem with it. However, sleeping on the stomach is okay during the early stages of pregnancy. This sleeping position is not good especially for a prolonged period. The reason is that this sleeping position can affect the blood circulation of mothers and can bring harm to their baby.

Experts and doctors do not recommend pregnant women who are in the second and third trimester to sleep on their tummy. This sleeping position can harm the baby by pressing it against the vena cava. Vena cava is the organ that is responsible for carrying blood back to the heart.

Here are some safe and useful tips to sleep on tummy:

  • It is wise to use a thin pillow or no pillow. Using a flatter pillow can avoid giving an angle to the head and neck.
  • Place a pillow under the pelvis. It will help in keeping the back in a neutral position. It will also take away any pressure to the spine.
  • Upon waking up in the morning, do some stretching. Stretching can help in regaining the body to its original alignment and can slightly strengthen any muscles that support the body.

Sleeping On Back

Sleeping On Back

Soon-to-be-mothers don’t need to worry about their sleeping position during the first trimester. But when it is in their second trimester, it is better to avoid sleeping on their back. When pregnant women lie on their back, the uterus will put pressure on the vein that can immediately cause trouble in transporting the blood back to the heart.

This position is also harmful especially when done for an extended period because it restrains nutrients and blood to reach both the placenta and the baby. It might result in dizziness and nausea.

Sleeping On Side (SOS)

As advised by doctors, SOS is the safest position. Unlike sleeping on front or back, lying on the side is the best position. Among left and right, sleeping on the left side is the best. Sleeping on the left side can help to increase blood and nutrients while sleeping on the right side can harm the liver because of the pressure that the body gives.

The left side can also help in distributing nutrients to the placenta and the baby as well. Sleeping on the left side can also improve the blood circulation of expectant mothers. It then helps soon-to-be-moms to lower their energy that they used in drawing the blood flow to the fetus and her own body.

Some women don’t like to sleep on the left side especially for an extended period, and it is okay for them to alternate from left to right as their sleeping positions. Pregnant women can also freely turn from left to right, but they must do it with the full precaution of not sleeping on the right for an extended period.

Here are some tips that can help to ease any discomfort of sleeping positions and restless legs that pregnant women experience:

  • For expectant mothers who have difficulties and experience discomfort such as back pain, they can take advantage of the SOS position. After that, they can try putting a pillow under their abdomen.
  • Expectant mothers can keep their knees and legs bent as well. And place a pillow between their legs.
  • Some soon-to-be-moms have heartburn episodes during the night. To avoid any heartburn, women can level their upper body using pillows.
  • If women are in their late pregnancy, sometimes they will experience shortness of breath. They can lie on their side or put some pillow on their back to level it with the upper body.

The suggestions above may not be comfortable for all women, especially those who are always sleeping on their stomach or back. Some of the suggestions may work, and others may not be favorable for it.

Expectant mothers just need to remember that they must not stay in a single position for a long time. Changing different position from time to time is highly advisable.


Most of the time, pregnant women experience a difficulty in achieving a good night's sleep because of the discomfort that they feel. Since there are a lot of uncomfortable and discomforting episodes during a woman’s pregnancy, it is best to know the safest sleeping position.

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