Prevent SIDS with your Pack N Play

Safety of your baby is something that must be prioritized. You have to be very cautious about every move and decision you make which concerns your baby. Whatever your decisions are for your baby will have an impact to him. Thus, doing what you think is right and not harmful to him is what you really need to do. Today, we will talk about preventing SIDS through multiple guidelines for your Pack N Play.

Making sure that you make the most of your Pack N play is recommended to every mom or babysitter. It does not only help you realize the hidden benefits of using Pack N Play but also suggest you a lot more ideas to develop a wonderful environment for him. Sometimes, there are things which we don’t usually pay attention to resulting to unwanted outcomes. An example of this would be the negligence when it comes to your baby’s safety. So, enlightenment from every articles can be very useful to you and your baby as well. We only want the best for you and your baby that’s why we are passing on these beneficial guidelines and tips for you to learn and use!


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also referred to as crib death, is a sudden cause of many death of babies 1 year old and below. Despite many years of research and study, it still remains unexplained. Every year, it explains the death of approximately 3,000 babies in the United States alone. What makes it more frightening is that it shows no signs of suffering which makes it difficult for them to predict it.


It is believed that several environmental factors can lead to infant deaths (SIDS) including the sleep positioning of the baby, temperature and exposure to cigarette smoke. While these theories are somewhat accepted by many, the exact cause of it is still unknown.

How to Prevent SIDS

Sleeping Position

Baby position

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When you have to make your baby sleep in the Pack N Play, you have to obey the rules that are involved with it. Following what the experts say and what the manual instructs must be strictly obeyed. Besides worrying about the Pack N Play being comfortable, you need the right and proper instructions on the positions in sleeping for your baby to prevent SIDS.


Overly soft mattress can also contribute to the chances of your baby having SIDS. This is because they can roll over it and sag. Therefore, use mattresses that are firm and in good quality. For more information about mattresses click here.


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In addition, do not add any extra padding, pillows, or sleep positioners to your Pack N Play Do not put blankets on your baby’s head as it is not advised by experts. You can only put it up to their chest level and let their arms be exposed so as not to shift it over his head. If done properly, it can hugely decrease the chances of SIDS.


Most of the time, because of many reasons, parents overlook child’s safety. They tend to see things lightly that they forget their kid’s safety is a serious matter. This is especially true in terms of SIDS. Many of them have little to no knowledge about what SIDS is, how it happens to babies and how to prevent it.

Moreover, the answers are just a click away from you mommies. There are numerous guides and tips that can help you out for your every concern online. You can always read them, learn from it and then apply it to reality.

SIDS is just nothing if we really take full considerations of what listed above. Basically, everything will be just easy if we follow and obey rules. Learning is a continuous process so do not worry over something that you can take full control- that is to avoid your baby getting SIDS.

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