How To Prepare For a Newborn Baby

The thought of bringing forth a new baby can be exciting and at the same time daunting for a new mom.

There are some essential items that you will be required to pack for the hospital. This needs to be done at least three weeks before your due date.

The number of items that you need for the hospital depends on the number of days of your stay. Check in with your doctor. For the baby items, you will require;

  • Bibs and Burp Cloths

You will need a lot of these after your baby is born. Babies tend to spit up a lot after feeding. When they are full, a little bit of milk flows out as the milk settles in their tummy.

  • Pacifier

Babies have a very strong sucking reflex. A pacifier comes in handy for soothing purposes. It keeps the baby busy and relaxed as you both catch some sleep.

  • Mittens and Socks.

Sometimes hospitals can be cold and this might lead to a sneeze and a running nose for your little one. In this case, socks and mittens will come in handy. Newborns also tend to scratch themselves especially when crying. The mittens will come in handy in this case.

  • Hat and Soft Blankets

For the nine months that your baby was in utero, they remained warm and safe so they may find the real world a bit cold for them. Ensure that you pack a hat and soft blankets to keep yours warm. This is especially so during cold seasons.

At Home Requirements

  • Swirling blankets - You will need a few swirling blankets for home use. These keep your baby compact and warm as you hold them.
  • Rompers - You will need a variety of rompers of your baby. These help to keep the baby comfortable and compact unlike pants and shirts.
  • Supply of Diapers - This is a basic requirement for any new parent. Your baby will use up a lot of these in a single day both day and night. You may want to purchase them in two sizes because the growth spurt in newborns tends to be high. Ensure that you have a storage space for the diapers in a convenient station. Wet wipes go hand in hand with diapers. They wipe clean you baby's bum during diaper changes. If you find the wipes too cold for your baby's bum, try warming them up a little before use.
  • Thermometer - This is an essential equipment for any mom. It will come in handy whenever baby spots a high fever which happens more frequently in infants than in toddlers.
  • Bathing Essentials - You will require soft washcloths for bath time. Equally soft yet absorbent baby towels will be required to completely dry off the baby before oiling and dressing them. You will also require a baby tub for this.

Outside Nursery

  • Baby Relaxing Equipment

You will find baby equipment such as swings, play mats and gyms very helpful once your baby is home. These keep the baby entertained. These should multi-colored in order to grab the baby's attention. Equipment with toys and musical features is best as it creates entertainment for the child.

  • Supply of Feeding Bottles

Feeding bottles come in handy at night, while outdoors and when someone else is watching the baby. These ensuring the child remains well fed at all times. You may also need to invest in some good baby formula. Always check the ingredients label to ensure that each one of the them is friendly for your baby.

For Outdoors

  • Baby Bag - This is a must have and should have plenty of room and pockets. It should be able to adequately accommodate diapers, wipes, a few pieces of clothing, bib and burp cloth, pacifiers and a few toys. It should also have a slot for a feeding bottle.
  • Car Seat - This is a legal requirement for every car driven baby. In fact, it should be bought before the baby is born as you will need it while leaving the hospital. It keeps your baby safe and comfortable during travel. Different car seats are designed for different babies of different ages.
  • Stroller - This will facilitate mobility and is an ideal equipment for walks in the neighborhood or trip to the park. Choose one that is collapsible in order to save on space during storage.
  • Baby Carrier - This facilitates close contact between you and your baby. The child feels more comfortable this way hence sooth them. You can wear your baby within the house as it leaves the hands free to do something else, for instance, prepare a bottle for your child.

Once you have all these stuff for your baby, rest assured that you will have an easy time. You are also at liberty of purchasing some commodities such as shampoo, bath toys and other items of comfort as you please.

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