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Dear dad to be.... Things that you must know!

Now that the news about your wife testing positive broke out, you, as a going-to-be-daddy, must be filled with various emotions and mixed feeling that you probably cannot express. Some of you must be scared, while some of you must be contented with joy. This is a life changing event for not only your wife but also you.

But in all this, men usually tend to forget or ignore most of the facts that they must be looking into which otherwise, only makes it difficult for the mom-to-be to pass the pregnancy time. There’s something that all men must understand-your wife always need more attention than you think.

So, here are few things that will help the dads-to-be to be a supportive system at this sensitive time:

1. Light Her Up When She’s Down:

Getting upset, sad and irritable is quite normal during pregnancy. So, do not get mad or start wondering why is all this happening. Just be prepared for more miserable things because there’s a long way to go and this is just the beginning.

This being said, not only should you be prepared to face them but also know how to encounter them. Try your best to not over react and just be patient. Things will just work out fine.

2. When It Comes To Food, You Better Not Be Joey:

Midnight snack

You definitely get what I’m saying, don’t you? Joey of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, as we all know, loves food and does not share food! And if you are like the typical joey, then darling, its time to change.

For a pregnant women, what’s yours is her’s and what’s her’s is off-limits. So, its better to keep extra stock of whatever you eat and do not touch her food unless and until she allows you to take a share of it.

3. Don’t Overdo Things:

If you are already being a good hubby and daddy, that’s good. But don’t OVER-DO it! Over-doing will only make her feel that the she’s weak and can’t get things done by herself. Caring is good but don’t do it at every foot-step.

You will know when she needs help and when not. Don’t initiate it unnecessarily and if you are in a dilemma of what to do and what not, just a little observation and talking and gathering information here and there from your peers or close friends would help.

4. Tell Her She’s BEAUTIFUL Every Single Day

This is the most common mistake that most men do-Ignore her when she calls herself fat or probably forget to tell her that she’s beautiful. Sometimes, the going-to-be-mommies won’t really tell you how they feel about their looks or how miserable it makes them feel, but this does not mean you should stop wooing her.

Tell her how beautiful she is every single day. You don’t have to always say it out loud. Even small gestures like landing a kiss on her forehead will also do. Though, flirting would give you brownie points.

5. Love, Protect And Care For Her But Don’t Forget Yourself:

Last but not the least, just pamper her. But in the course, do not forget yourself. Remember it is equally important for you as well to stay healthy and happy.

There will be days(most of the days actually) where you will be least pampered or ignored and its normal but don’t let this affect you. Always cheer yourself up, play online bingo or just watch a comedy movie and viola! You’re good to go.

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