Parenting In The Age Of Technology

Parenting is not the easiest job to do for parents. Since centuries parenting is one of the full-time responsibilities of both mothers and fathers. They look after their child in any way, but the parenting over the years has changed to the fullest.

Technology has broken all the barriers of the old times parenting and has added a new one in the form of digital parenting. Our children are growing up in a technological environment where they own cell phone gadgets and the cyberspace.

Therefore, the face of parenting worldwide has revolutionized and the priorities have also changed on which parents have to keep a continuous eye. Technology has introduced gadgets and the internet and piece of interest of the children have turned towards the digital world.

They use the internet and social media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Zalo and plenty of others alike. These social messaging apps fascinate the young users to the fullest and they interact with the people without them knowing. So, communication with the strangers may put them into real danger and it’s been reportedly stated that teens willingly go for meeting with the strangers.

Technology Has Changed Parenting Priorities

A couple of decades ago, parents have to keep an eye on their kids activities in real life. They had to keep an eye on their friends, interests, and whereabouts and protect from predators such as bullies, stalkers, child abusers and others.

Now an interesting shift has come forward and all these real-life predators have started their dark motives from the cyber world. They operate anonymously by using the cell phones connected to the internet and use instant messengers in order to hunt young kids and teens secretly and then make them the victim of their lust and frustration in real-life under the complete secrecy.

Modern Parenting Is Tougher Than Ever

I can prove that argument in such a way that, in post parenting times parents look after kids and teens that not to have bad friends, bad habits, and other dangerous things. Parents just had to keep an eye on their kids and resultantly they were able to protect the young kids and teens from all the predators and bad habits.

Now parents may be not tech-savvy or they have not time to stay aside their kids for their bread and butter. Then they are not able to know what they are doing on their electronic devices. Non-tech savvy parents are even not able to know what sort of text messages, media files, calls and voice messages young kids and teens are receiving at the moment.

In-short the communication is so much advanced in the contemporary world that is continuously enabling kids and teens to get access any good or bad stuff through digital world by using smartphones.

Counter Argument: Technology Has Blessed Parenting

Without the shadow of the doubt, technology has blessed parenting. Anyhow, if technology has created so much hurdles for parenting, than on the other hand, it has developed such tools that help out parents to remotely keep an eye on their kids in digital world and as well as real in world.

Is Spy Apps For Cell Phones Blessing For Parenting?

Obviously, parents want to monitor the digital activities of kids and teens remotely by sitting in their offices in order to protect them from all cyber nightmares. They can truly perform parenting on both real lives and in an online world.

They can use cell phone spy app on kids and teens phone and get to know all the activities happen on the target cell phone along with the complete time stamp. They can record and listen to the conversation of teen’s when they are with their friends outside the house.

Parents can use MIC big app of the cell phone monitoring app and can remotely listen to the conversations and voice activities.

However, parents can view the live visuals of the teens surrounds and get to know what they are doing at the moment by using the TOS spy 360 live screen sharing of the mobile phone spy app. In-case they have come to know something has happened wrong with the child, they can track the GPS location of kids and teens to take affirmative action to protect the teens.

Moreover, parents can track all instant messaging activities of teens and can view IM’s logs, text messages, and text messages conversations and shared media. However, you can improve the parenting with the technology in such a way by call recording. Parents can record and listen to calls incoming and outgoing by using the secret phone call recorder.


Parenting in the age of technology may put serious issues for parents, but the technology has come with the solutions that can help out parents to perform the effective piece of parenting with the cell phone tracking app.

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