Parenting Advice For New Parents

Congratulations! The baby is perfect and beautiful and you will be perfect parents! That having been said, there are a few little things that you might want to know right now. Things like when to feed the baby? When to check on the baby at night?

How long will it be before this precious bundle of love will stay asleep through the night? Will the cats mother the baby? Were the old folks right when they say that new parents are totally clueless about child care?

First thing to do is calm down. Babies have been around for the history of mankind and most of the time parents with no more knowledge than you have done just fine; you will too. You feed the baby when he or she is hungry and you feed him or her as natural a diet as you can.

Breast milk is best most of the time, but if that isn’t possible there are many terrific products on the market that will meet his or her nutritional needs. Change the diaper before and after feeding him or her so that everyone will be as comfortable as possible during the process.

Parenting Advice For New Parents

In the beginning, with a new baby checking on his or her breathing during the night is what all parents do. Check anytime that it crosses your mind to check,but as you become more comfortable with the idea that there is a new little person in your life, the compulsive checking will probably become less frequent.

Just be sure that when the little one cries out in the night you are able to hear and respond quickly. Most of the time the problem will be either a dirty diaper or hunger, but these can be serious to a baby as anything else, so you need to treat each incident as if it were life and death.

The baby will sleep through the night as soon as he or she has developed enough to be able to hold enough food to last through the sleeping period, but when exactly that will be is not something anyone can answer.

It will be okay,though, and both you and the child will make it through this wearying time. Remember that this is normal and everything will be all right. Cats won’t hurt a non-allergic child, but because they like to curl up close it might be a good idea to keep the cat out of the nursery at nap times.

Always keep any pet monitored when they are with your baby just to be safe. The older people who talk about parents of today being clueless about childcare have forgotten what they had to go through when they were new parents.

They have a lot of experience in raising children, but that doesn’t mean that you are incompetent. Practice makes things easier from playing a piano to changing a diaper and you are doing just fine, thank you very much. Remember, when it comes to taking care of a baby, love is the most important thing.

Baby Products Every New Parent Should Buy

It is easy for parents to be to get caught up in the sensationalism of baby products offered today but you don’t really need everything the magazines say are a “must have”. There are, however, a few essential and helpful items for expectant parents to secure to make the first several months of parenthood a little easier.

Health and Safety

There are several items that you absolutely need handy to provide for your baby’s health and safety the first few months. A bulb syringe is one of the single most important tools the first 12 months of life. Babies cannot blow their own nose so it is up to the parents to clear the tiny nasal passages and ensure unobstructed breathing.

Nail trimmers are also a key to keeping your baby healthy and happy. Little nails grow at a phenomenal rate and can scratch the face and eyes. Trim your infant’s nails at least weekly to minimize scratching.


100{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} cotton pajamas are the best sleeping gear you can outfit your baby with. Cotton is breathable and soft and will help them drift off to dreamland much better than a synthetic fiber. Also, having a swaddling blanket or two will keep baby tightly bundled and mimic the effects of being in the womb which will help baby sleep better and longer.

Infants are used to noise by the time they are born an many experienced parents also find that a simple white-noise machine helps lull a fussy baby to sleep.


Expectant moms planning to breastfeed can keep feeding gear minimal. A bottle or two for emergencies and a breast pump to collect milk if you have to be away are about all you will need. Babies who will be formula fed need a supply of bottles.

You will want several nipple styles to start with until you find one that works for your baby. Plenty of bibs and wash/burp clothes come in handy and a stay-cool travel pack for trips away from home are both an excellent addition to your diaper bag – which you will also need.


Of course expectant parents already know that you need a car seat to transport your baby safely, but you don’t really need a seat with all the bells and whistles. This is especially true for an infant carrier type seat that will only be used until your baby is around 20 pounds or one year of age.

All car seats sold are subject to the same requirements so one that cost more is not necessarily safer. If you can, buy a new seat over a used one. Car seats have an expiration date and if it has been in an accident the integrity of its safety may be compromised.


Other baby products that every new parent should buy are a chest carrier, a bouncy seat, a pack and play, a play gym, and colorful rattles and toys that light up. Wearing your baby in a chest carrier will help fussy babies and increase the bond between mother/father and child.

A comfy seat and a pack and play, or play yard, are important to have a safe place for baby if you must be away for a shower, to check the mail or to cook. Toys are vital to a new human’s development. Buy a variety of colors and textures to introduce baby to different sensations early on.

This is not a comprehensive list, so expectant parents should talk to their pediatrician as well as friends with children to get an idea of what you do,and don’t, really need to have a worry-free first year with your new baby.

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