Pack N Play- Important Things to Remember

There are many things to remember when deciding to purchase a Pack N Play. These include the safety guidelines for every feature of it. Are you a detail-oriented person? Then you might want to observe what’s best to your kid and provide him with it. Below are some of the details you may want to take note.

A mattress must be firm

The Pack N Play is already mattress-ready once you buy it. The mattress is readily installed so it fits perfectly in the bassinet. For some people, it is rough therefore, parents opt to buy another one from other brands. It is up to you to decide in buying such products.

Do not add extra padding

We previously talked about different kinds of mattress. We identified each type’s characteristics and its advantages and disadvantages. We also stated that a soft mattress is not recommended as it can be dangerous for your baby. This time, adding extra padding to the mattress can harm your baby as well because it may lead to suffocation of your baby. Thus, this is absolutely a no-no!

Pack N Play and Porta Crib

If you have bought a porta crib in the past and you would like to save up money, you can use its mattress for the Pack N Play. Plus, if your baby loves it so much, this would be a great idea. The mattress from that fits the Pack N Play so you can always change it whenever you want. Just remember that it should fit perfectly so as not to cause SID.

Washable Pack N Play

Washable Pack N PlayYour baby’s health is your priority. Hence, your Pack N Play must be free from dirt, marks or stains. You should use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe clean the vinyl, plastic, and metal parts. Do not use strong household cleaners as they will damage your Pack N Play. In addition, do not use bleach when cleaning it. The sheets are also fully machine washable.


It is already a given fact that the Pack N Play offers convenience to many parents. They can regularly avail the benefits as long as they want to. However, making it more comfortable for your baby requires great observation skills and resourcefulness. It is not only enough to leave it as is. So long as you can create innovations on your own, do not be afraid of doing some alterations and adjustments with your Pack N Play but not neglecting his safety.

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