Why Pack N Play is Better Than Just a Bassinet

As you become more conscious of what your baby needs are, you may want to provide him the best things in life as much as you can. This means upgrading the facilities at home that would make it more friendly, comfortable and favorable for him. Included in this, are the ones that are responsible for your baby’s sleeping at night. Considering this, you may have come into a confusion in choosing between a Pack N Play and  just a bassinet. What’s better?

Obviously, the title itself already explains the whole article. Nonetheless, I will still be discussing as to why Pack N Play is better than a bassinet. So, worry no more as we will have a closer look at each. We will identify what is beneficial in the long term and what possesses an edge against another. Escape that dead end in your decision and brace yourselves for the face off!



Pack N Play: It is a well-known fact that a Pack N Play offers a lot of features in just one package. It has changing table, diaper storage, newborn napper, mattress, a play yard function as well as bassinet. We wouldn’t want to buy each when it already gives it them all!

Bassinet: If you want a napper function, it could just be fine to buy one. Basically, it is intended only as a place for your baby to sleep. Now, if there will be instances wherein your baby poops… well, that’s a different story.

Not Easily Outgrown


Pack N Play: One of the best advantages of availing one is that when your baby becomes big for the napper, you can always remove it and let him sleep on the mattress as a play yard. Usually, the napper can be of value for almost 3 months. Then, if it is not suitable anymore for your baby, you can leave him on play yard for two more years. Talk about convenience!

Bassinet: It’s just a waste of money when your baby grows faster and easily outgrows your bassinet. It can be a huge disadvantage as there will be difficulty with moving inside of the bassinet for your baby. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend money for something that is not in very long, do not buy a bassinet.

Portability and Mobility


Isn’t it exciting to travel with your baby using Pack N Play? Unlike a bassinet, it can be moved and brought to wherever you would like to. It is foldable and you can take down and set it up later when traveling. Whether you and your baby will go to Grandma’s house, a picnic, a camping, with its power of portability and mobility, it will hassle-free for you mommy!


It makes much more sense to buy a Pack N Play than just an ordinary bassinet. A Pack N Play is a baby gear designed for different features which makes it applicable and at the same time cheaper.

Instead of buying each of its features, you will no longer be spending much from your pocket by having an all-in-one item. Moreover, you will not be consuming lots of space at home because of having them all in just one structure.

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