Outdoor Water Fountain Maintenance

Outdoor water fountains are a delightful contribution to any scene. Other than their vitalizing effects on health, these water features produce humidity in dry environments, can filter the air by fetching dust and allergens, and render themselves as a source of water to wildlife.

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Something of such significance should not be overlooked, rather regularly maintained. The cleaning of outdoor fountains is just as fundamental as taking care of the water levels. Frequent cleaning of your outdoor fountain’s inner bowl with a gentle fabric makes it look bright and elegant, as well as stops the growth of dust and grime.

Furthermore, it is crucial to make sure to refill and wipe your fountain’s pump on a routine basis, because a dry pump will eventually lead you to buy a new one.

Maintenance Tips

Following are some measures you should pursue if you want to keep the water streaming smoothly in your outdoor fountain.

Cleaning your Garden Fountain

Your fountain’s life is dependent on your habit of cleaning the bowl and pump. The bowl needs to be cleaned every 1 to 3 months.

It should be first cleared and then gently scoured using a delicate toothbrush and dish cleaner. Before starting your routine of fountain cleaning, refer to your fountain’s manual in case it needs a particular method of cleaning. For some outdoor fountains, you need filtered water and algae additives to discourage the development of calcium and mold.

Preventing the Growth of Algae

In addition to substituting the water on a month to month interval, you should also buy the algae cleaner to reduce the development of algae and keep the fountain’s water garden-fresh.  Also, keep in mind that algae, like all other growing organisms, go through expanded growth when put in sunny spaces. If you have done everything yet algae growth persists to be an issue for you, you may want to move your outdoor fountain to any shady space.

Maintain Appropriate Water Levels

Water levels maintenance makes ways for a healthy pump. You should make a routine of checking water levels daily, with little water amount added at regular intervals. Drain all the water and refill your fountain with new water every month to impede water from becoming stagnant.

Moreover, in dry summers, the water of your fountain may dissipate more rapidly, so make sure to check the water level as often as possible.

Properly Store in Winter

In colder regions that face grinding winter conditions, homeowners should move outdoor water fountains to an indoor area to forestall cracking and freezing. In case the fountain is too big or heavy to move, drain out all the water from it and cover it with a resistant blanket.

These are some basic outdoor water fountain maintenance tips which are essential to keep your fountain running for a long time.

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