Must Have Things in Your Newborn’s Room

So you have a little one on the way? You don’t need to be told about the amount of shopping that you will certainly have to do to get things in order for when the baby comes.

There is an extensive list of baby items that needs to be taken care of, and you will want the best of everything, from the best outfits to comfy crib and diaper caddy etc, for your precious child.

The nursery needs to be well stocked, and if this is your first baby, then you’re in for a ride.

It is easy enough to forget something or the other on the checklist.

There may be smaller things that you overlook that don’t seem like they’re all too important, but you will thank us for reminding you about these must-have items that will make life a lot easier on you.

You will need all kinds of items such as baby swings, cribs, clothes and more. Here some things that you absolutely need in your child’s room for it to be complete:

Have Things in Your Newborn’s Room

A Mobile Hanging Over The Crib

You can hang a fun and colourful mobile over your baby’s crib. Not only will it be exciting for them to look at from their resting place, but will also keep them happy and content as they fall asleep. You can even build your own mobile with something personal such as family photos so that your baby grows familiar with your faces early on.

A diaper Caddy/ Changing Station

Babies are messy. They need to be changed all the time. You need to set up a changing station or get a diaper caddy with a changing pad that is waterproof and comes with removable covers so that you can remove the covers and easily wash them.

You don’t even have to invest much in the diaper caddy. Simply build it yourself with something lying around the house such as a wicker basket.

A Nursery Night Light

Your baby will probably wake you up at all hours of the day and night. They will cry, and they will call out to you in the middle of the evening. A nursery night light is necessary to make sure that you don’t stub your toe on something when you go to them.

With a nursery night light, your baby can sleep in peace without anything glaring at them while giving you enough light to make your way around the room.

A Closet Organiser

A Closet Organiser

A newborn will take over your entire life. You will have to attend to them all the time, leaving you no spare time to do anything else. With your hands full, you might appreciate having a pre-organized closet where everything is neatly arranged and easy to reach for.

You can sort the onesies, the toys, the towels and anything else you may need to save yourself the future trouble.

A Bottle Warmer

A Bottle Warmer

Eventually, you will start feeding your baby with a bottle. It’s a smart idea to start collecting all the necessary items early on in case you aren’t left with any time later on. Busy moms don’t have to deal with getting the milk up to the right temperature if they have a bottle warmer to do it for them.

Let’s heat the milk evenly and quickly without losing all the precious nutrients that heating it up in the microwave takes away.

A Trash Can

It is the little things that are the easiest to forget. Whether you get yourself a diaper genie or are just using a regular old trash bin, you will appreciate having it right next to the changing table.

With the trash can right by you, you will be able to toss the dirty diapers and baby wipes right into it without having to walk to the can with them. The nursery stays clean, and your job is easier.

A Breastfeeding Chair

You will want to put in a chair in the room where you can sit and breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. This can be anything from an overstuffed, comfy chair to a plain old rocking chair. In a simple rocker, you can rock the little on to sleep.

Take some time to find the right chair and make sure to get something comfy because you will be spending a lot of time sitting in it. You don’t want it killing your back.

Many, Many Books

Even if you have a newborn that cannot actually read and understand when you read to them, it is important to nurture their growth with books. Reading to babies from a young age has a multitude of benefits, not the least of which is that they will cherish reading even as they grow up. So put up a shelf and stock it with a few books that you can read to your baby.

Show them that books are important from a young age and they will love them even when they grow up.

A Play Mat or a Rug

A play mat or a carpet is essential not just down the line when your baby can crawl around, but also for your newborn. They can lie there in the beginning months and learn to crawl and move around on it. Once they start growing up, they can set their toys out on it and play right there making it their special playing spot.

And Of Course a Crib

Let’s not forget the most important item on the list. Your baby is going to need somewhere to sleep in. Make sure to get a comfortable crib with soft bedding that your child can lie inside in peace.

You might want to get something cute and colorful that livens up the atmosphere, or you could go with an elegant, classic choice depending on what you want your baby to sleep in every night. It’s a big decision.

You will need a lot more than just these ten things, but it’s a good place to start. Did we nudge you in the right direction and add some items to the list that you missed out on?

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