Introduction To Parts and Accessories of Humidifier

A humidifier is a beneficial appliance that you might want to consider to increase moisture or humidity in your whole house or a single room.

There are different types of humidifier and each type and brand has its own parts and accessories. A whole house humidifier has more complex parts than a point-of-use unit’s.

To maintain the outstanding performance and durability of your unit, you need to know its parts and accessories so you can replace them immediately, when the need arises.

Fortunately, most humidifiers from top brands require less maintenance. This means that their parts don’t frequently need replacements.


This is one of the most essential parts of a humidifier that requires frequent replacements. This is to extend the life of the unit. Generally, a humidifier’s filter may need to be changed within 3 months, depending on its usage.

The role of a filter in a humidifier is to pull in air in a room and return it as cool or warm mist. During this process, air particles become trapped in it. They won’t go back to the air as the purpose of a humidifier is to clean the air, in addition to increasing moisture in a room or an area.

Overtime, those air particles clog the filter, thereby, negatively affecting the proper operation of the unit. When it’s dirty, it won’t operate efficiently. And when it works harder, it uses more energy, resulting in higher power consumption.

Plus, it returns dirty air causing mold and mildew growth. The filter’s life will be greatly affected when there’s a presence of smoke, dust or animal dander. These factors can dramatically shorten the life of your humidifier’s filter.

To extend its life, you should consider vacuuming the room or remove dust regularly. The quality of water may also affect the filter as the mineral deposits in water can clog a filter, regardless of the brand. To avoid clogging, you may use bottled or distilled water. But it’s not economical and practical.

Humidity Monitoring

Most of the advanced humidifiers available on the market have built-in hygrometer or humidistat. This is another essential part of a humidifier that maintains and monitors humidity level in your house or a certain room.

It ensures that it’s within a healthy range to prevent allergy signs and symptoms. It’s best to have a humidifier with integrated humidistat. In this way, you don’t need to monitor your house’s humidity level every now and then.

The unit will automatically change the moisture level in your house based on the reading of its hygrostat. However, you must still need to set the proper humidity level that you wish for that certain room so that the unit will maintain it.

This part of a humidifier is essential to avoid over-humidifying the room. Bear in mind that excess humidity provided by your humidifier can result in mildew, food waste and other moisture problems in your home.

Clean Water

Humidifier provides moisture to your home when the air is dry. However, in order for you to breathe cleaner air when this appliance is powered on, you have to use clean water. In this way, harmful microorganisms from dirty water won’t be spewed into the air.

It also prevents harmful bacteria from building up on the machine. Regardless of the brand model of humidifier, it’s important that the water you’re adding to the tank is filtered or purified. This is to protect not just the machine but also you and your family’s health.

Essential Oil

Adding essential oil to a humidifier will ruin the appliance. However, there’s a humidifier that can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser. If your unit can do these things, then you can use essential oil without damaging the machine.

A humidifier with diffuser releases essential oil into the air. This is to eliminate nasty odors and create a soothing atmosphere for your home. It’s especially useful when you’re too stressed out. This type of unit has a certain technology that breaks the essential oils and water into micro-particles before dispersing them into the air.

Anti-Mineral Pads

Some humidifiers provide an area where you can attach anti-mineral pads. They’re attached to prevent minerals from being processed by the humidifier. They can also decrease calcification of the unit, which may cause clogging of the filter.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Humidifier Based on Parts and Accessories?

  • It’s best to purchase a unit that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance procedures. Then, make sure to opt for a unit that you can easily find spare parts, in case they need replacements.

Best Parts and Accessories of Humidifier Reviews

BestAir 3BT-6 Original BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment 32 oz

BestAir 3BT-6 Original BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment 32 oz

Effectively controls and prevents bacterial and algae buildup in your unit, this bacteriostatic water treatment is ideal for all evaporative type of humidifiers. In this way, you won’t have breathing issues when you do use this product.

AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

To properly monitor the humidity and temperature of your house, this Acurite sensor displays more accurate data than other sensors on the market. In order for it to provide you with accurate readings, you’ll need to place or install it in a place recommended by the manufacturer.

Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Wicking Filter

Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Wicking Filter

It can effectively eliminate minerals and other pollutants from water. With that in mind, it can surely help in extending the life of your unit. The filter is anti-microbially treated to prevent growth of harmful organisms on filter. It can easily fit in almost all types of humidifiers and it does work great.

Holmes "A" Humidifier Filter, HWF62

Holmes "A" Humidifier Filter, HWF62

Ideal for certain humidifiers that require filter A, this filter can trap mineral deposits and inhibit growth of bacteria and mildew. It uses Harms & Hammer baking soda to freshen the air naturally. This filter uses Microban as an antimicrobial agent to prevent growth of odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria.

Aromatherapy 100{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift Set

Aromatherapy 100{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift Set

This is the 1# best seller in Aromatherapy Oils category in Amazon. This set include 6, 10ml Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus Lemongrass, Peppermint & Sweet Orange. All are 100{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. This product is perfect for a gift or for your own use. With its aromatic fragrance, you can have a peaceful sleep each night, as long as it is turned on with an Essential Oil Diffuser.

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