Interior Design Ideas To Make Them Safe For Children

See below for our safe interior design suggestions that may inspire you to update your own home to cater for the fun and chaos that comes with raising children.

  • Bookcases, chest of drawers and cabinets are potential hazards when they are freestanding and unsecured to walls. Why not consider a room remodel that incorporates some built in spaces that are recessed and installed into your walls? Not only beautiful and contemporary, but recessed shelves are a nifty space saver especially in smaller floorplans or awkward room shapes. DYI Pinterest junkies will probably already have several examples of these in their dream home designs, so head online to find some inspiration that will suit your space.
  • Staircases, or even just one or two steps are tripping hazards whether it be for children still working on their coordination, or parents navigating toy minefields or piggyback rides in their vicinity. You can make them safer though with a few adjustments thatwill improve visibility and reduce falls. Create a contrast between the riser and tread with paint or tread coverings that will also provide extra grip underfoot. Especially at night,ensure adequate lighting is available, which will also add depth and mood to your room when used correctly. Banister guards come in all sorts of materials and textures so opt for one that compliments your colour scheme or go clear for a minimalist look.
  • It may also be a great time to redo the kitchen so traditional floor mounted ovensor free standing units are no longer close to the ground. Many contemporary designs will place ovens, microwaves and convection oven microwave hybrids at elbow height to prevent back strain and allow for hot items to be moved more safely. Repositioning your oven provide ergonomic benefits, especially if you are the main chef in the household. If this is not an option, an upgrade of your current oven to one with a cool touch door feature will prevent the potential burning of curious hands and these units will often also have the added bonus of being fingerprint resistant. You might even be able to invest in a self-cleaning oven that will also make life that little bit easier.
  • It’s almost inevitable that the walls in a house with young children will face varying degrees of carnage at some point, so get ahead of potential disaster by improving their durability with wipe clean paint. Often water, latex or silk based, this paint will endure repeated washing and scrubbing and some are also billed as stain repellent. To keep the cost down, consider the areas that are the most exposed and concentrate your painting efforts there. Other options to keep the walls safe include temporary wallpaper or removable decals, which are also great for renters.

Having kids need not mean saying goodbye to your home’s décor. It may mean however, that you will think of some creative ways to use space that maximises safety, allows for functionand still makes your home beautiful, happy designing!

Rosie M. Jordan

Hello my name is Rosie. I am a 36-year-old SAHM to an energetic little boy called Andrew. We love reading, Toddler Sense, the library and trips to the park. To get in touch you can email us

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