Infant Caregivers – Save Yourself From Injury

If you are solely responsible for taking care of your baby, you need to be perfectly healthy and fit to take upon this huge responsibility. The last thing you want is a constant pain in some part of the body or a serious injury resulting in restricting yourself obstructing you from taking care of the baby.

These pains and injuries are very common in infant caretakers due to carelessness of people towards their physical postures and actions while taking care of the baby. Be it parents, nanny, babysitter, or any family member who is responsible for the baby.

Why This Special Guideline For Infant Caregivers?

Why This Special Guideline For Infant Caregivers?

Taking care of infants is not just feeding them or making them sleep. There are tons of responsibilities that require physical efforts from the caregivers. This constant physical effort leads to permanent body aches or internal body injuries in the bones or joints etc. due to constant pressure and strain. Constant pressure is always harmful for any part of the body.

Relieve Your Back

You must have always seen that ladies who have given birth to babies or a nanny or any caregiver who are taking care of baby day in day out always complain about back pain. The reason is not just constant work but also the wrong posture while lifting or carrying the baby.

Whenever you lift the baby, from bed, car seat, cribs or pack and play, you should always put all your weight on your legs instead of your back. This would relieve tension on your back.

If you are placing baby from a higher level to a lower level like from bed to the crib, bend your knees instead of your back and you would observe your back getting relieved.

Save Your Tiny Wrists And Thumbs

While you hold or lift the baby, make sure to keep your wrists in a still position instead of a curling motion. This would strengthen your wrist muscles and avoid any pain in them. Also, while you hold the baby, remember to place your thumb close to your hand instead of keeping it away.

This would avoid any strain on your muscles surrounding your thumb and avoid the famous mommy thumb pain syndrome often found in women with new born babies. Such kind of pains are only due to overuse of muscles without following the correct ergonomics and can be treated with only physiotherapy, frequent movement and reducing strain on the surrounding muscles and take considerable amount of time to heal.

Save Your Body Shape

Save Your Tiny Wrists And Thumbs

When you hold the baby in your arms, remember to keep your complete body straight instead of arching your back out in a bend position which puts strain on back and lower back causing severe back pains.

When you are holding your baby on your hips, then also you need to stand straight instead of bulging one of your hips out and you can see how stress free you can stand. This posture also protects the shape of your body and avoids strain due to even distribution of weight.

Having said this, your arms and shoulders should be stiff and straight and then you can feel how much pressure is relieved from your body reducing your body aches.

Heavy Baby Items

When you carry any heavy items related to your baby like an old pack and play or a crib or trolley, remember to keep it close to your body for managing the overload evenly on your body causing less strain and no pain.

Pushing Strollers

While you are taking your baby on a Pack & Play travel or stroller, remember to adjust the height of the handles so that it requires minimum bending of your back else would cause lower back pain problems.

Also while pushing the strollers, you should keep your elbows relaxed instead of keeping them hard and stiff and wrists in one position with thumb inside your hands. This is the perfect posture for all your wrists and thumb muscles that would avoid any pain in the wrist or elbow areas.


These might look like small solutions or guidelines but their impact is huge and can save you a lot of body pain problems and injuries.

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