How To Set Up A Pack ‘N Play?

Setting up a pack and play for your loved kid is a very important task for parents as even a small mistake could hurt the baby. That is why while setting up the equipment, you need to read each and every instruction in the manual carefully and strictly follow them too.

How To Set Up A Pack ‘N Play?

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Setting up

Setting up of any equipment’s is all about assembling all the accessories and tightening them to the accurate level.

Remove and separate accessory

All pack and plays come with a travel bag, so open the bag and neatly assemble all the accessories on a side. You will get the mattress wrapped in a bag around the playpen in the travel mode. Open the bag and unpack the mattress and keep it aside as that needs to be placed at the end. Check for any kind of loose poles or screws on the mattress and remove them for further fixing process of the pack and play.

Turn the pack and play upside

Once the accessories and mattress has been separated, kindly turn the pack and play upright and hold it on both sides with the help of your feet. Since the pack and plays can wobble, you should hold them constantly to prevent it from slipping and falling down.

Fix the ends

Pull the thread from both the sides in a fast manner to lock both the sides tightly. When you do that, you would hear a click sound that ensures that the ends have been tightened.

All the four poles or ends should be tightly screwed so that it offers firms stand when placed at its right position.

Firm stand

Once the four poles are locked and tightened properly, you can pull the central pedestal down and make it stand. If you feel it is not standing properly or is shaking, it would be better to check all the four poles before putting the mattress on it. Once it is standing, you are ready to put the mattress over the play pen and decorate it the way you like it for your baby.

How To Set Up A Pack ‘N Play?

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Precautions while setting up play and pack


Whatever screws and nuts you have to fix and setup the play and pack should be tightened strictly and tightly for a firm stand as that would ensure the baby’s safety while the baby is on it. For proper weight management, all the poles of four corners should be tightened tightly, as even one if left could make the pack and play fall injuring the child.


Every pack and play package comes with the instruction manual, that explains every step in setting up of the equipment with visuals to help you understand better and ensure that what you are doing is correct.


Open the entire package slowly so that smaller accessories do not pop out and get lost as each and every accessory is important in correct setting up of the pack and play system. Some accessories could be extra for future usage, in case the used one stops functioning. So kindly keep the extra accessories safe for future usage.


If you regularly fold and unfold the pack and play, then you need to keep a bag in which you keep the equipment and the accessories used to rebuild it. Else you would ne duo losing a few of them eventually failing in re-setting of the equipment.


It is important to lower the floor only after the rails are locked. This is because, if you lower the playpen floor before locking, the locking would not be complete, might be cumbersome for you to do it and if by mistake remains loose can end up being fatal for your baby.


Pack and plays are one of the most preferred and demanded objects for parents of new born babies and their ultimate priority is their kids’ safety. To ensure, that, accurate setting up of the equipment is equally necessary for it to serve the purpose it is made for.

If you follow all the instructions, and ensure every nut and bolt is tightened properly to bare the baby’s load, then your baby would be completely safe and sound.

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