How To Make Pack & Play Comfortable And Safe?

Pack and plays are yet another set of equipment that helps you keep your babies or young infants safe and comfortable without you keeping an eye on them all the time. There are many baby products that help you keep your babies safe and comfortable, so that you can do your work without worrying about them.

The pack and play are just the standard equipment that are available in numerous designs but will have to be customised as per your requirements when you follow some precautionary measures and put some efforts so that your baby gets a sound sleep in it and is comfortable for the time baby spends in the pack and play. There are many Pack and Play tips that you get handy for your referral to start and learn the correct use of this highly beneficial equipment.

Why you need to make efforts to make it safe and comfortable?

Every baby is different and requires different surroundings to be comfortable. You need to understand these small requirements and try to modify the interior structure of pack and play to help your baby adapt to it and be comfortable. For example, the mattress type or the presence or absence of toys, or the kind of toys present inside the equipment while you set up a pack and play would be a few pointers for you to start with. Let us evaluate a few such pointers individually.

  • Mattresses

The kind of mattress determines the quality of sleep of your baby. The mattress should be soft enough that changes its shape with the shape and weight of your baby. Also the mattress should support all the changing postures of the baby while asleep. Small infants might not move that much while they are asleep, but as they grow to be a year old, they definitely do change their posture.

  • Space inside the pack and play

Size of born infants and the rate at which they grow are different for every single baby. So as per their body shape and size there should be ample space so that even when the kid is awake and tries to move or spread around, the baby gets enough space to do so and also does not get hurt from the corners or walls of the pack and play.

  • Walls of the pack and play

Walls of the pack and play should be covered with something soft and stuffy so that baby’s hands and legs do not get hurt while the baby is asleep or even awake and tries to move around.

  • Tightening of the screws

When you are assembling your pack and play, at that time it is very important for you to consider all the accessories that come with it and assemble them in order. Ensure that all the four corners and their poles and screws are tightened properly to bare the load of the baby when he is sleeping and also when he is active. Ensuring all corners is mandatory for proper load management and also the safety of the baby.

  • Toys in the pack and play

Many parents place toys on the pack and play so that kid can gradually adapt to the equipment and does not cry the moment they wake up. While doing this there are a few considerations that you need to pay attention to. You could select only one or two toys that you have seen your baby get most amused by.

Also place the toys such that they do not hurt the baby. Ideally only soft toys should be in the reach of the baby, rest other toys should only be visible to them so that they do not get hurt.


There are various measures that you could work on to ensure your little ones safety and comfort. As and when you start using this beneficial equipment, you could understand more and more about such factors that affect the presence of your baby in the pack and play.

These are only a standard factors and guidelines that you could use, but you could think of other options too. Gradually, the baby’s behaviour could be analysed and acted upon accordingly.

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