How To Make Baby Car Seat Covers

When you spend most of the time on the road with your baby, you need a car seat cover for the baby to keep it safe. A cover will protect the baby from cold as well as other external factors that could cause harm like germs. You should ensure the cover you have is suitable for the intended purpose.

What's interesting is that you don't have to go buy a car seat cover for your baby in the store. You can make it yourself and customize it to your liking. Here's how to make a good baby car seat cover:


  • 2 yards of main fabric.
  • 1/3 yard of strap fabric.
  • Velcro.
  • Sewing kit.
  • Iron box.
  • Scissors.


1. Wash and iron the fabrics

It is extremely important to wash the fabrics before you can work on them. One reason is hygiene and the other one is to make sure you cut the right sizes as they may shrink when cut. After washing them, you'll also need to iron them so as to straighten them as they may get creases when washed preventing accurate cuts. After doing this your fabric will be ready to be cut

2. Cut the main fabric

Your fabric is now clean and straight. The next step is cutting into the different parts you need to make your baby car seat cover. You should have measured your baby car seat prior so you can get the cutting measurements correct. You cut the fabric into two equal parts and use some curved edge to cut the corners of the pieces of fabric which will now be the top and the bottom.

3. Sew the fabrics together

After cutting the top and the bottom of the seat cover from the fabric, it is now time to open your sewing kit. You could also use a sewing machine if you have one.The goal here is to attach these two pieces together leaving a small opening at the corner for the next step. Note that these pieces of fabric should be sewn with the right sides facing each other. This is the top and bottom of the cover but inside out.

4. Flip Right Side Out

In the previous step, we sew the top and bottom together and left a small opening at one end. This opening is what we'll use to flip the right side out. Your cover will now be looking the way it is supposed to with the right side flipped out.After this, you stitch around the edges of the cover and also iron those edges to make sure they look good and the topstitch on them is also attractive. Ironing flattens any edges that could be looking flared or not neat.

5. Cut the strap fabric

Your cover is now looking all good but you need straps to attach it to the baby car seat. Get the fabric you bought for the straps and cut four strips of fabric. Two of them should be wider than the other two. The small strips should go at the edge of the other wide ones.The measurements on these ones also depend on the size of your baby car seat handle. Make sure to get your measurements correct to avoid making oversize or too small items.

6. Sew the fabrics together

The procedure here is just the same as the one we used with the top and bottom fabric. You sew them together with the right sides on each other and leave an opening so you can be able to flip them to the right side after you're done sewing. If the straps are too small to flip with your hands you can use the help of a tube-like item to turn the fabric to the right side.

7. Sew and iron the edges

Once you're done flipping the wrong side to the right side you'll be left with raw edges where you had not sewn. Sew those edges together and press them with an iron box to flatten them.Your straps will now be looking very neatly done. Make sure the stitches are also topnotch to avoid having them run or tear while you're using them.

8. Sew Velcro on Straps

Your straps are ready and now you need to know how they'll be used to hold the cover onto the car seat. The Velcro you had now comes into play. Sew the Velcro onto each one other strap and make sure it is on the right side.The stitches for this one should also be done properly to avoid coming off. You can use any pattern to stitch them as long as they are stitched nicely and neatly.

9. Sew Straps Onto Cover

With that said and done, it is now time to put the pieces together to make a complete item. Sew the straps onto the cover now. Before you can actually do that, you need to identify the center of the cover and mark it. Then go an equal distance from the mark to the right and to the left, vertically. This is preferably 3 inches on each side.Horizontally, you measure the distance by putting the cover on the car seat and marking the point where the cover falls perfectly without touching the floor or leaning on one side too much. That is where you'll attach your straps.

10. Try it on

After the procedure, you now want to try the cover on your baby car seat and see how it fits as you admire the creative work of your hands. Once you're satisfied with it you can decide to wash it and iron it in readiness for a trip or keep it until the time you'll need it. That entirely depends on you.


Most of these procedures are very easy and all depend on your individual tastes. Select the kind of fabric you feel you want in terms of texture, pattern and even color.Everything else is just about following the above procedure and you have yourself a beautiful well-made baby seat cover for your baby. Go get the supplies and start working on it now!


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