How To Maintain Humidifier

After a series of articles on the best humidifier for baby, the benefits of humidifier and humidifier types available on the market was somewhat brings helpful information for you. In this article we will cover how to maintain a humidifier to be able to use the most durable and most beneficial to the health of your child and your family.

While there are a wide range of affordable humidifiers to choose from in the market, many appreciate being able to enjoy their use for as many years as possible. The key to enjoying this long life lies in regular and proper maintenance. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your humidifier working problem free, well beyond its warranty period.

Tips To Proper Humidifier Maintenance

Lack of maintenance in humidifiers can lead to the accumulation and growth of various types of bacteria and germs in the water. This is typically caused by a failure to clean the device’s components, not changing the water regularly, or making use of mineral rich tap water during refills. By following the guidelines below you can better protect your device and your health.

  • Change out water daily – water that has stagnated in the reservoir for days provides the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Make it a habit to empty out the water and wipe down the interior of the reservoir daily before refilling with clean fresh water. When the humidifier is not in use, be sure to empty out the water before storing it away.
  • Carry out complete cleaning twice weekly – invest in a soft bristled brush and a mild cleanser that you can use of thoroughly cleaning the interior of the tank. Also, wipe down all other components of the humidifier. Be sure to wait until the parts are completely dry before putting the humidifier back together and refilling it with clean fresh water.
  • Use distilled water – mineral rich water is not just a problem because of the white powder it leaves behind when the vapor has settled, but also encourages the formation of a film in the water reservoir. This dirty film also helps to promote mold and bacteria growth. Using distilled or de-mineralized water helps to limit the white dust that can trigger allergies and reduces the risk of bacteria exposure.
  • Use mild natural cleansers – there are many chemical humidifier cleansers to be found in the market. Unfortunately, there are those that can trigger allergic reactions when touched or inhaled. It is highly recommended that homeowners make use of natural solutions like white vinegar and tea tree oil. They not only disinfect, they are also easier on the nose.
  • Replace cartridges and filters as recommended - Always go through the manufacture provided manual so as to know how often you should replace parts like filters and demineralization cartridges. Some devices come equipped with indicator lights that make it easier to tell when to do this.
  • Consider germ-killing humidifiers – there are options of humidifiers that come with germ killing action. They are typically equipped with germicidal UV lights or special inserts that sanitize water before it is turned into vapor. Be sure to adhere to the manufacturer guidelines on how to care for these parts.

Remember that regular cleaning and maintenance is not just useful in prolonging the life of your humidifier, it also ensures that the air you are breathing is safe and free of possible contamination from microorganisms that can build up in the unit.

Bacteria and germs do often find their way into poorly maintained devices and can eventually lead to the development of dangerous medical conditions.

Humidifier fever is a unique condition linked to the repeated use of ill-maintained devices. It is characterized by the inhalation of vapor that is contaminated and manifests through symptoms such as lung inflammation, fever, cough and tiredness.

If the situation is prolonged, it can even lead to lung disease. To avoid this problem, be strict in your cleaning and maintenance regimen, and you should be able to healthily enjoy the numerous benefits of a well humidified home or workplace.

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