How to Deal with a Newborn Baby During Stress

Before you bring a sweet bundle of joy home from the hospital, you always think you’re capable of it all but what no one prepares you for is sleepless nights in a row, crying fits, fussiness, existential crises, the constant nappy changes or how you’ll feel differently about yourself.

Everyone’s thrilled when you’re pregnant, be it your grandmother, your neighbor, or the stranger on the bus who offers you a seat and they will all narrate to you unsolicited labor horrors but no one tells you how to deal with a newborn baby during stress or the challenges that parenthood brings.

Don't worry, though because I’ve got you sorted; this article is a how-to manual on how you can manage your stress with an infant that won’t stop wailing.

Welcome to parenthood; I hope you have a smooth journey ahead.

1. Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

Bolster your parenting experience by making a support group of mothers in your local community or neighborhood. Schedule meetings, attend them, and pencil it into your calendar if you have to. A support group will prevent you from feeling isolated and from being compounded by apprehensive, anxious thoughts.

By sharing similar experiences, personal stories or discussing your breastfeeding habits or your child’s poop timeline, you will not only start a peer support group, you’ll find deepening, growing friendships.

Find someone to talk to about the emotions of motherhood, expectations of oneself as a mom, or navigate the learning curve of parenthood and discuss strategies for coping with day to day challenges. Whether you’re a working mother or a mother of a child with special needs, build a connection with those who understand you. All of us need people to share

2. Ask for Help

Do not be reluctant in asking for help. Abandon the notion of wanting to be a mumzilla or super mom and handling everything yourself, instead, rope in everyone you know would be willing to help and reward yourself with some shut-eye.

Task your mum or mother-in-law to take charge of cooking nutritious food for you while you recover from childbirth or hire a cook to do so. Rotate nightly duty of feedings, diaper changes and burping with your husband.

Hire a helper to help with your cleaning tasks, including washing dishes and clothes, and sterilizing baby bottles. Invigorate the gramps, aunts, and uncles to come to hold and play with the baby, while you go out with your significant other.

3. Have a Schedule for Visitors

Do yourself a huge favor and make visitor rules and only allow guests to visit for a certain span of time. If they aren’t prepared to work around your schedule, don’t be hesitant to tell them not to come. It’s stressful to be a hostess especially when you’ve just delivered a baby; do not feel guilty for excusing yourself.

While unannounced guests and well-wishers will bring you bouquets and cakes you’ve been craving, now’s not the time because you need to rest. My fellow good moms, recovery is brutal. I understand that it’s hard to tell your 70-year-old grandmother that she can’t meet her endearing grandchild just yet but do it.

The constant congratulatory phone calls can get overwhelmingly exhausting so always remember that a phone can be silenced or turned off. Stay well-rested.

4. Be Good to Yourself

Try and get out of the house; take stroller walks if you have to because fresh air is good for you and the baby both. Do not compare yourself to other mom’s you met briefly at the pediatrics office because everyone has it differently; we all fight our battles differently. If you believe social media is fueling your insecurities, go on a media detox.

The use of medical marijuana is good for stress and anxiety, you can also opt it in different flavors, like super lemon haze, this one is useful in treating anxiety and headaches, see here. Marijuana for depression is not the only answer; exercise too, make an effort to move be it going to the local park, or gets your yoga pants on and go running.

Being physically active releases endorphins, this will put you in a better mood and ease your stress.

There’s no sugar-coating it, having a baby is stressful but remember to stay connected to your partner. Taking out couple time post-delivery can be difficult but even a quick trip to the shopping mall will make you feel a bit normal again.

Babies tend to have unforeseeable timetables; sometimes they are snoozing like an angel, but sometimes their piercing cry will worry you. Have a baby log and start planning your daily activities accordingly.

You have your hands and brain full with a newborn, no one is going to blame you if you let things slide now and then. Put yourself and your baby first, everything and everyone else can wait.

Things will get better eventually even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. It’s okay if you’re not loving motherhood right now, it doesn’t mean you any less of a good mom so don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s completely normal to feel batshit crazy, to be an emotional wreck and whimper randomly and sob uncontrollably for the first couple of weeks. Your horoscope predicts you have a few busy months ahead of you. Happy Parenting!

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