How Adoption Adds Meaning To Your Life

Having to imagine all the lonely children who are abandoned by their parents or are leftstranded without a family stirs up a range of emotions within us. The only hope for these kids, sitting helplessly alone every second of the day, is that someday someone will come for them and change their lives forever.

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 143 million orphan children worldwidewho are desperately waiting for their prayers to be answered.

On the other side of the spectrum, thousands of couples are waiting to have their own child, either via birth or adoption. By raising awareness, we can make parents-to-be realise the role adoption can play in their lives and that of the adopted children, andhow it can prove to be the key to true and lasting happiness.

The life-changing impact: For many parents, adoption is a transformative event that changes their identities forever.

Some adoptive parents are, however, slow to adjust or wonder what expectations their new role requires. They often worry about not ‘feeling’ like parents, even after completing adoption process.

Some question their entitlement to take care of their new son or daughter. All in all, adoptive parents can find it difficult to fully accept parenthood.

For parents, there is always a pivotal moment when they first feel like ‘mom’ or ‘dad’. For example, the first visit to the doctor or the first time the child says ‘mama’. For others, it is the day to day caring for the child that forms the mutual bond which gradually leads to self-identification as the child’s sole caregiver.

As they eventually move beyond the feeling of ‘unworthiness’, the parents finally become more comfortable in their new roles, accepting the responsibility and recognizing their entitlement towards caring for a child.

Baby’s Skin

The Birthmother’s Life Gets A New Meaning

Adoption benefits the birthmother just as much as anyone else, if not more. For a woman, learning that she is unexpectedly pregnant can be one of the most stressful situations she may endure. She may be in college when she hears the news and the reality of raising a child can undoubtedly put her education and career goals on hold, at least for some years.

Furthermore, she might not have the finances or family support to help take care of the child, having to bounce between one or more jobs to manage her own life along with the baby’s.

An unplanned pregnancy can indeed send a woman’s life into a plunge. These are some of the main reasons why women selflessly choose adoption for their babies. At some point, they may consider raising the child on their own, but mothers who choose adoption understand that they won’t be able to provide for their child the quality of life they rightfully deserve.

The insurance that her child will be raised in a loving home and is safe holds great meaning for all birth mothers.

Creating A Family Story Can Be An Exciting Experience

A family’s story is veritably different from a child’s individual life book. Writing your very own family story can help all family members feel a sense of mutual belongingness. You are free to begin your prose prior to adoption, starting with your own sensuous tale, from childhood through the decision to finally adopt.

As each new person joins the family, his or her story is added to the diary and can be maintained for multiple generations.

Connecting With The Child’s Birth Culture Introduces A Pleasant Change

Bringing an adopted child from a different familial background requires parents to incorporate a distinctive culture at home. The importance of keeping a child attached to their original heritage can be rewarding for both the child and parents.

Development of a strong family identity that involves all members makes everyone feel included and can be essential for any adoptive family.There are many institutions that offer children’s counselling, marriage counselling and individual counselling.

All of the aforementioned options are great ways to celebrate their family’s new cultural diversity. You are open to choose friends, schools and neighbourhoods that send a valuable message on diversity to all members of the family.

Responding To Outsiders Makes You Stronger

As new adoptive parents, you can often be caught off guard by some questions asked by friends, relatives or even strangers.

As you prepare to respond to questions, and decide on how much of the child’s story to share with them, and how to educate relatives on the prospect of adoption;it can reinforce a distinctive, stronger identity for you, as parents, and empower the new family as a whole. It can even turn into a meaningful family experience if the children are old enough to be involved.

Improved Health And Well-Being

It would be a grave mistake not to mention the purely physical benefits a child can bring into your life. Focusing on cooking homemade meals and providing healthy food, setting aside time for play and rest and allocating bed time rules are just few of the multitudinous areas where your life will be inevitably moulded for the better.

You would always want the best for your child,therefore, you will be more likely to make some major lifestyle changes that are conducive to fostering your overall well-being. Along with benefits for you and your little toddler, positive lifestyle changes will impact all family members involved.

Continuous Growth And Learning

Because all of us have a set of core beliefs, adopting a child and bringing a new addition to the family can challenge those ‘rules’ and often, at times, leads to personal and social adjustments. By helping your child grow, you may also learn more about yourself, specifically,when it comes to broadening horizons on what you can or cannot accomplish.

Compared to people with a stringent mind-set, those with an ever-evolving thought process are usually more willing to face challenges, believe in hard work and look forward to learning new skills every step of the way.

Additionally, you may be able to further develop your own insight by adopting a child. Everyone learns differently and you must be open to the fact that your new son or daughter may be a distinctive learner unlike you.

There are multiple learning styles from visual to kinaesthetic. You will most certainly be presented with unique challenges, having to learn a style quite different from the one you are used to. But most of all, you will get to learn a lot about yourself as well as your adoptive offspring.

At the end of the day, the most rewarding aspect of adoption is giving a warm welcome and a lifelong home to a child in need. Being able to provide a safe haven with a loving family is unarguably a benefit in itself.

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