First Communion Gift For Your Child

Every parent is always trying to make their children happy at any cost. They work and earn for their children, for their future. They protect their child from every problem and they can do anything for the happiness of their children.

A child is more important for parents when he or she is a new born baby. When a new born baby first time comes to the world then the happiness of parents are endless. They jumped, they shout, they celebrate. All the relatives, friends come to see the baby and give Gifts and blessings.

Gifting are the most popular and important thing to represents the happiness in the form of any accessories, jewelry and many more in any occasion andone of the most important occasion in Christian’s community i.e. “COMMUNION DAY”. In fact, it is the most holy occasion for Christians.

At age of 7 to 10, parents celebrate the very first “Communion Day” of their children. First Communion is the most precious and beloved day ever because this is the day when a child receives his/her very first Eucharist.

Holy Communion is a big deal for Christian community especially for Catholic. Every parent make sure, this day will become unforgettable for their child. Eucharist is also known as Lord’s Supper.


Communion celebrate at the age of 7 to 10, to know the children that Jesus sacrificed himself and they hung for us. Eucharist is the way to connecting with the Jesus and thanksgiving for making us. Jesus comes to our body and soul.

This is very beautiful and pleasant moment. Each and every family member is going to the church and celebrating this Communion Day with full of pleasing hearts.

Bread and Wine is the component of Eucharist. Bread represents the Christ’s body and Wine represents the Christ’s blood. On this day, Baby Girl wears white dress with veil and Baby Boy wears Suit for receive the Jesus in their body and soul. All the relatives are invited and take the pictures.

All the children (who is getting the Eucharist), enjoyed each and every spiritual custom and follow the tradition even parents and relatives also enjoyed these tradition. After this Spiritual Custom, children gets the Gifts from their parents, relatives or their love ones.

On The Special Occasion

In thisday, every parent plans a special gift to their child for enhance the beauty and making the day more special. There are lots of gifting options are available to gift your baby but gifting them jewelry will be a great surprise for them. It enhance the beauty of your baby girl and make her more cute and beautiful.

There are lots of different types of jewelry as a gifting option for their loved ones because jewelry is not just a thing made from materials, it is the most precious thing which enhance the girl’s beauty.

Special Gift as Necklace

It is a very tough task to decide that what to gift your family’s special girl in her first communion. In Season Jewelry is the best place for your child’s first communion gift. It is a very exciting moment for every child and for their Christian Community as well. Receiving the holy necklace on this special occasion will be a remarkable gift for your child.

In Season Jewelry has a variety of holy necklaces in their collection. A Beautiful Cross pendant will serve as a source of strength. The First communion should be full of joy the pretty religious necklaces with a variety of color and designs make the day historic moment in baby’s life.

The cross pendant or necklace is the sign of the Christian, and can also be personalized with a name and First Communion date.Every girl child Wearing necklace feels a bit like the princess in herself, girls often like to wear pink pearls, beads and colorful cross pendants.Don’t forget to have her First Communion blessed with In Season jewelry.

Bracelet- A Perfect Communion Gift

Girls often like to wear Bracelet. Beaded bracelet with sparkling pearls spread beauty in the Collection of girl’s bracelet as their first communion gift. Pearls are the symbol of purity hence pearls gift will be the best choice for this occasion.

Bracelets come in very different designs baby-girl and baby-boy both can wear this gift from their parents. You can see a wide range of bracelets in In Season for your child’s first communion. Letter Block name Bracelets can also be unique gift on this special occasion.

Earrings- Girls Love It

For babies cross earrings with sterling silver and gold plated cross screw back earrings will be the mark able communion gift and it is easy to wear as well. This can be a unique gift for yourchild. Brand In Season has cross earrings, cross pendants, religious lockers, rosaries can be a great way to express your love towards your child.

Cross Clear Religious Baby Rings

Through this kind of baby jewels & gifts you can help your child to understand Christian Community. Make your baby’s first communion more joyous with these kinds of spiritual gifts.

InSeason Jewelry has a wide variety of Jewelry like:-

  • Rhodium Plated Jesus Medal Screw Back Baby Earrings.
  • Crucifix Cross Heart Photo Locket Remembrance Pendant.
  • Stick Plain Knot Christian Cross Pendant Necklace Unisex.
  • Rhodium Plated Blue Crystal Medal Cross Pendant.
  • Heart Jesus Christ Medal Catholic Pendant Necklace

InSeason Jewelry not only provides jewelry for babies, kids and teens but we also provides jewelries for women’s. Husbands can also gift jewelries to their wives on this special occasion, you can also gift to your daughter, sister and loved ones. And we wish to all of you for a Happy First Communion Day.

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