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Mom, you have just given birth to your baby. I know you are so glad to have your little angel beside you now. You know what? I am sure there will be more happy moments to come and that’s when you are finally able to buy him the things you have ever dreamed before. But no, don’t be sad if you still haven’t bought anything. Guess what? I will be here to guide you on buying for the things suitable for your baby!

Today, I will be talking about one of the most relevant pointers, a mom must keep in mind. This is something useful to make your baby comfortable while sleeping during night. Yes, we are talking about mattresses!

A mattress is a material used alongside of the play yard. It is placed perfectly in your play yard so that you’ll be seeing your infant doing whatever pose and movements he would like to show-like a model! Thus, it is important to know the different types of mattress. I will discuss each type below for you to understand.


Innerspring Mattress

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Well, we all know that this is the most popular and recommended type of mattress by moms. It is durable compared to others given its sturdy steel coils as a system of support. It consists of coil springs, upholstery materials and border rods that makes it firm. It is usually heavier than foam mattress and has an approximately weight of 12 pounds.


Foam Mattress

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Second most preferred is the foam mattress. It is made from polyurethane and viscoelastic foams or core of synthetic sponge-like material. It’s considered one of the cheapest among all type of mattress. Its density is its benefit. We say that the higher the density, the firmer the support, therefore, being able to last longer. It also has vent holes which let your baby stay cool while sleeping. On the other hand, think twice before buying one as mattresses of this type often directly cause respiratory irritations. To add to that, it is also vulnerable to different kinds of dirt compared to others.


Organic Mattress

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Also known as “natural mattress,” it can either be made from wool or cotton. Some parents assume that the toxics and chemicals used in manufacturing other mattresses make it a good alternative item. Instead of exposing your baby to harmful materials, you can always resort to it if you feel that his health and safety must be prioritized. In addition, it belongs to one of the firmest types of mattresses.

Dual Core Mattress

Dual Core

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Dual core mattress are perfect for your child’s changing weight and shape. It’s goal is to provide the same type of service from when your baby is first born until they start school. For your newborn, it provides gentle as well as firmer sleeping surface. It promises with the vent holes that help it being overheard and which further maximize breathability for your baby.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring

Photo credit: http://www.macuhoweb.org/allocate-your-body-weight-evenly-by-pocket-spring-mattresses/2003/

It is similar to Dual Core Mattress. This gives support for the sleeper’s body with the help of its springs. The lowest number of spring it can get is 600 while the highest can be 3000. It comes in all sizes and range of comfort grades. Benefits from buying one are exceptional body support, adaptable to sleeper’s movements and responsible for undisturbed sleep. However, after several years, like any other mattress, it tends to lose its firmness and becomes soft.


Hypoallergenic Mattress

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From the word itself, it prevents someone from having allergic reactions when used in sleeping. It is completely washable at 60 degrees celsius which easily works against dust mites. This may trigger allergies, asthma and ezcema. Besides that, it is also very easy to keep clean. If you are looking for allergy-proof mattresses, this might be a good option.


Every type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. Use them according to your own desired benefits. Be sure to identify your purpose of it before buying to be able to decide what’s best for your baby. Furthermore, you have to carefully consider every detail of every type of mattress as it will be conducive to choosing the right one.

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