Creative Ideas For Upgrading Your Pack And Plays

Babies grow very fast and the baby products, toys, utility etc. are all rendered waste once the kid grows about that age. Similar are the pack and plays that are meaningful to kids till maximum 3 years after which they start walking or crawling and do not like to be restricted inside them. So that is it, after three years, pack and plays are just a piece of equipment lying without any use as piece of scrap. But innovative moms of today have come up with so many innovative re-uses of the pack and plays that they no longer would be an ideal piece of scrap or show piece at home.

A few re-use of pack play ideas

A ball room

Fill your pack and play with balls and make it a ball room for your kid to play around with a huge bunch of balls at least for the time you need to do some work when you cannot keep running after your baby. Kids are fond of balls and balloons as different colours and their playful nature attracts the kids to them. The kid might not feel restricted with so many balls present in the pack and play as compared to just plain and empty pack and plays resulting in them spending more time than usual.

A decorative fort or animated place

The pack and play could also be used to create another small home or a room with animated decorations to make it look like a jungle, or a fort or any other fascinating place which would attract attentionof kids. Such attractive places attracts your babies and they would themselves go near it and spend time in there instead of you pushing them to empty and normal pack and plays. Such places are kids favourite than spending time on beds, cribs or otherwise.

A play mattress

The thin and soft mattresses of pack and play could be used to re-create it as a play mattress for kids. To make them use it as a play mattress, all you need is to cover it with different colour fabric with animated and playful images that compels kids to move towards it.  The baby outgrows the size of mattress very quickly and hence this could be the best use of it. You could keep changing the cover fabric to retain the kids’ interest.

Bedding for your second kid – the pet

Your kid might outgrow to fit and play inside the pack and plays, but your pets’ wont beyond a limit. So why not use the pack and plays for your second kids that are your pets. Pets love spending time in their bedding, especially dogs and they would never grow to a size that they do not fit in the pack and plays. Make it look like a kennel so that the dogs feel at home.

Creative ideas for upgrading your pack and plays

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A secure play area in your garden

Imagine that you have a huge garden and also a small crawling baby. You cannot leave him alone in your house and come out for gardening activities, neither can you leave him in pack and plays as they would get cranky for being alone and might manage to crawl out of the pack and plays too. So you could make it a net pack and play and cover it completely by a net and a shelter to be kept in the garden. Put your baby inside till you complete your gardening activities. This way your baby would be right in front of you and they would also be free from any bugs or mosquito bite as they are generally present in abundance in the garden areas.


These are just a few ideas, you can use your heads and bring out more innovative and thoughtful ones that could put the pack and plays to good uses for the kids or you. The agenda is to use the pack and plays till the time possible more for the kids but ensuring their comfort and safety along with keeping them entertained and not pushing them to use the equipment.


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