Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-cum?

There are still some misconceptions about pregnancy that both men and women are confusing.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

If you ever had sex, you may have asked yourself this question sometimes: Can I get pregnant from pre-cum (pre-ejaculate fluid) ? To answer this question, you need to know what precum is first. Precum, also called pre-ejaculatory fluid is created by the

Cowper’s glands, which will protect sperms as it passes through the urethra during ejaculation. The fluid is transparent and can be noticed on the glans of circumcised penis. It helps neutralizing acidity in the urethra, creating a more convenient way for the sperm to pass.

And if the vagina has some pre-cum inside before the ejaculation of sperms, some changes will be made to create a favorable environment for them. Precum does not contain any sperm, which means that it cannot get you pregnant.

Nevertheless, if residual sperm and sperm cells are still alive and swimming around in the shaft in men’s penis; then, the precum could pick up and deliver them to the vaginal canal, the percentage of pregnancy is slightly higher.

Because that is the only way precum pregnancy can occur due to the previous ejaculation. And once it happens, fertilization will happen as well, even when a man pulls out before ejaculation.

Therefore, if a girl wants to have another ejaculation, she needs to tell her partner to make water before starting over again. If you ensure that your man pees after ejaculation, the hot temperature in the urine will clean up and kill any sperm that may have been left over. used to have an article, which claimed that the amount of sperms in pre-cum fluid was very low, but there was still a risk of pregnancy happening. So, can you get pregnant from pre-cum? The answer is YES, but hardly.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

Pregnancy is the result of conception of a female's egg with a man's sperm. Although the process needs only one egg and one sperm for contraception, a men’s penis can contain about thousands of sperms.

And when a man reaches to orgasms, they will be ejaculated into a woman's vagina. This is followed by the semen, a liquid that is released from a man’s penies and contains as many as 300 million sperms.

Besides, a woman releases one or more eggs from at mid-cycle, which is known as ovulation. If the woman has sex during ovulation and the sperms are ejaculated into her vagina, they will go straight through the fallopian tube to meet the eggs. Once it happens, fertilization occurs, and conception begins.

So according to those pieces of information, you cannot get pregnant without penetration. This question is frequently asked by young lovers or couples who have not wanted to have a baby yet. However, anything has its exceptions.

So does this situation. Pregnancy can still happen if ejaculation occurs and the sperms accidentally meet women’s vagina; therefore’ conception can still happen even without penetration. This is very rare, but there is about 4 percent of pregnancy occurring without penetration.

So if you want to avoid unexpected pregnancy, you should use other methods, such as using a condom for men or women, diaphragm, birth control implant,...

Plenty men and women are still confusing about pregnancy from precum and without penetration. So I would also like to share some more misconceptions that are usually considered inappropriate so that couples would have more information and knowledge about women’s reproductive system

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  • There Is a Very Small Chance That You Will Get Pregnant From Oral Sex.

Oral sex is a sexual activity involving stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another using the mouth. Since pregnancy needs the contact of sperms of a man and eggs of a woman, it is unlikely that oral sex will create conception because there is no such contact.

  • What About Anal Sex?

Anal sex is different from oral sex because it is the insertion of a man’s penis to a woman’s anus or anus and rectum for sexual pleasure. Although anal canal does not directly link to women’s reproductive tract, and no direct penetration to the cervix, uterus, or fallopian tubes, it is still behind the vagina. Therefore, ejaculation can still occur in an indirect way.

  • Sex While Standing Can Prevent Conception.

Whatever position you take, any time your vagina has a chance to contact with your partner’s penis, you are at risk of being pregnant.

This is a popular misconception. My advice is using contraceptions to completely avoid ejaculation or conception if you want.

  • Having Sex All The Time Increases Your Chance Of Getting Pregnant.

Some couples are still having the misconception that the more sex you have, the more likely you will be pregnant. In fact, having sex too much can decrease the number of men’s sperms and the ability of fertilization to happen is practically lower.

Moreover, in most cases, not any intercouse can lead to pregnancy. Having sex around women’s ovulation has the highest possibility of getting pregnant.

  • You Can Not Get Pregnant If It Is Your First Time.

Yes, you can still get pregnant if you have vaginal sex for the first time. There is nothing about that precious first time can protect your reproductive system. Therefore, contraceptions are recommended anytime.

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  • Leaving No Space At The Tip Of The Condom.

It is always better to leave some space at the tip of condom in order to allow some more space to contain sperms after ejaculation. If you leave no space at the end of the condom, there is a quite high possibility that the sperms will put the condom under pressure, and eventually, the condom will break and ejaculate the sperms into the vagina.

  • And a Never Outdated Advice Is To Keep The Condom In a Cool & Dry Place.

Placing the condom at inappropriate temperatures can totally destroy its synthetic material. The best place, which is recommended by specialists is a dry and cool environment. Therefore, the condom can avoid too much heat or cold.

I hope that all the information I mention in this “Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?” article has given you more pieces of knowledge about pregnancy and women’s reproductive system.

Regardless, thank you for reading my article. Goodbye.

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