Bump it Up And Get Fab: The Ultimate Fashion Tips for Moms-to-Be

Dressing up can be major fashion concern for all the moms-to-be out there. The moment conception starts until the third trimester, your body changes. Kim Trout, a professor of women's health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in Philadelphia, said: “It’s remarkable how a woman’s body adapts to accommodate a pregnancy.”

You start to gain weight and have hefty breast. And what’s worse is that you will have swollen ankles if you keep standing for too long. It keeps on stressing you out because your clothes might not fit the next day. When you undergo body changes day by day, you start to lose your ideas on how to look good. But don't be!

Face the fashion challenges during your trimesters. Feel confident and refreshed as you go outside from the shadows of your wardrobe. Bump it up and find out the right maternity clothes that compromise your style and comfort.

First Trimester

If you’re the secretive type and love surprises, keep your bump under cover without wearing maternity dresses.

  • Silhouettes and Flow

Wear flowy tops, and set apart the clingy types of clothing. Flowy fabrics over belly, hips, and thighs will hide the weight that you gained. Long-fitting shirts, empire-waisted tops, blouson, wrap shirts, tunics, and flexible tanks will work as well. A lot of online fashion destinations offer comfortable tops perfect for moms-to-be.

  • Lax and Skirts

Loose pants and skirts are perfect outfits that you can wear without constricting your precious baby. You should wear the skirt higher than usual and pair the flowy tops with looser-fitting pants. Boot-cut stretch jeans paired with loose fabric on your belly can be pulled-together to look fashionable outside.

  • Second Trimester

Not ready for maternity wear? Not a problem. Even if you gain weight and your belly grows, you can still dress up like a million bucks. It's a matter of saving or investing in clothes that you can grow with every week.

  • Stretches and Budgets

You feel that your body drastically changes its curve every week. So you decided not to buy new ones to save money. But what to do next? Well, you can stretch your clothes with minimal additions like waistbands. The band will hold your unbuttoned pants smoothly.

You can also layer the tanks without buttoning it all the way and pair it an oversize cardigan or long fitting-shirts. Remember, choose soft-knit fabrics if you want to make the most out of your budget and comfort.

  • Frocks and Dresses

Invest in clothing items that are adjustable to your body changes. Buy a dress which you think that will last for weeks. At least give allowance for possible growth after weeks. If you like to embrace wrap dresses, choose something stretchable and sleek in color.

Frocks are also versatile, and you can pair it with any tops which you find comfortable. It is a stylish way to dress up when you are still working or running errands.

  • Shoes and Bras

Usually, in the second trimester, your increased weight sets pressure on the knees, and it may worsen the knee pains. And you might notice that you have looser joints which make you feel like you are waddling when you walk. Given this situation, it is best to use flat shoes and sandals to reduce muscle and joint pains.

In “busting out” phase, you should invest for undergarments of bigger sizes. Most importantly, consider its convenience and expandability as your tummy continues to grow.

Third Trimester

Pregnancy for the last trimester becomes more uncomfortable and tough. You can't stretch as much as you want. As your bump increases in size, wearing and taking-off your pants can be stressing. Buttons, zipper, and waistbands are also bickering your day. What to do?

  • Maxi Dress and Empire Waist

Solve your struggle and start wearing knit flowing dresses. Wear it then you're ready to go! It also provides less hassle when you take it off. After your baby comes out, you can still wear it especially when you plan to do breastfeeding.

  • Tunic and Leggings

If a dress is not your thing, maternity leggings and tunic in a knit fabric can give a homey yet stylish sense. Choose monochromatic colors to look slim, but you can always incorporate a funky style as long as you feel good with it.

If you want to be frugal since it's the last stage of pregnancy, innovate your wardrobe into something that you can stylishly wear even after giving birth.


Pregnancy is not the time to dump your fashion sense. You can reinvent or invest on some clothes which you can buy on some online fashion destination like Seed Heritage. Instead of getting overly dramatic with the changes, use the time to discover new styling possibilities to flatter the new curves in you. Sober up and stop thinking you're ugly and shabby.

It's a matter of finding a bonanza of good fit, beautiful silhouettes, and winning color palettes while keeping comfort on top. Keep the spirit bright, innovate your glamor and feel fab!

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