Breastfeeding in Public Made Easier: 7 Style Tips for New Moms

Becoming a new mom is indeed a very tough job. Among the things you may fret over if you’re a nursing mother is what to wear, more specifically in public. Of course, you do not want your baby to become hungry just because your clothes don’t allow you to feed him.

Breastfeeding may be an option for you in this kind of situation, especially if he is still less than six months old. Health experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for babies aged 0-6 months because of the many health benefits it offers.

Breast Milk Benefits

Research tells us that breast milk is still the best nutrition parents can offer their newborn. It offers tremendous health benefits not only to the child but to the mother as well. It is designed to cater to all the nutritional needs of the baby in his first six months of life.

Breast milk contains colostrum, which is a yellowish fluid rich in proteins that are essential to the development of the baby’s immune system. Moreover, these proteins can easily be digested and absorbed. Colostrum also provides factors that will promote good digestion and maturation of the gut.

Furthermore, breast milk contains fats, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and immunoglobulin. All of these will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and limit the growth of disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Breastfeeding moms will also benefit from nursing their babies. Firstly, the baby’s sucking will cause the uterus to contract, reducing blood flow after delivery. Secondly, menstruation ceases during lactation, thus offering a form of contraception.

Thirdly, breastfeeding can help them lose weight and promotes mother-baby bonding. Lastly, breastfeeding will decrease the risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

7 Nursing-Friendly Style Tips for New Moms

Baby’s Skin

Today, there are breastfeeding clothes that new moms can easily buy from reputable stores. But often, it becomes impossible for them to go out and shop because they have a newborn to attend to 24/7, they need to sleep during the day, and they have a body that is still healing.

Good thing experts have shared some tips and ideas below on what to wear when breastfeeding:

  • Wear A Nursing Tank Underneath Your Shirt

Wear a nursing tank top under your regular tops to cover your belly and back each time you pull up your blouse to nurse. These are super handy.

  • Don’t Put Away Your Sports Bra

A sports bra can be your best friend right now. So if you bought some sports bras before for yoga or your workouts, you can still use them while breastfeeding. Wear them under a plunging neckline top that is too low for your personal taste. This will make sure that your cleavage won’t be seen each time you nurse your child in public.

  • Use Button-Down Blouses

Button-downs can also be your best breastfeeding tops since they allow you to easily expose whatever you need with just a few flicks of your wrist. Roll up the sleeves and wear it over-sized with a pair of jeans.

  • Go For Strapless Dresses

Most new moms think that they cannot wear strapless maxi dresses while breastfeeding, but these dresses are completely breastfeeding-friendly. You just have to pair them with a cardigan for warmth and coverage or a specially designed nursing slip to go under it.

  • Wrap It Up

Wrap tops and dresses are also amongst your best options. Look for styles that have ruching in the waist as this will give your body a boost. If the wrap top is a bit too low, wear a nursing tank or a sports bra underneath to give you more coverage.

  • Wear A Scarf

Your temperature may be all over the place. Postpartum hormones can cause all types of temperature fluctuations so a scarf can help you no matter what you are up to. Your scarf can offer some modesty as long as you have access to your breast.

This will also cover you up regardless of how awkward everything may look underneath. Most importantly, it can cover the split up on your shoulder as well.

  • Try Everything On

Commit yourself to trying on at least half of what you have in your closet. Your body may have changed a lot but this does not mean that all your pre-pregnancy clothes won’t fit you anymore. For instance, the cardigans you previously buttoned can now be worn open but paired with a nursing tank underneath.

Never limit yourself when you’re breastfeeding. Just because you are nursing does not necessarily mean that you cannot wear pretty, stylish items. With a bit of strategy, breastfeeding your child discreetly in public with your comfortable and stylish clothing is possible.

Remember, however, that nursing tank tops are among your must-have breastfeeding clothes. If you don’t have one yet, you can get it from reputable online stores like Peachymama, my own fast-growing breastfeeding clothing brand in Australia and a partner of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

This brand offers different kinds of breastfeeding tops and dresses in various styles, fabrics and prints. I know you’ll find something that you’ll love to wear every day.

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